No part of this manual, including the products and software described in it, may be reproduced .. Thank you for buying the ASUS® P4PS-X motherboard!. ASUS ASSUMES NO RESPONSIBILITY OR LIABILITY FOR ANY ERRORS OR INACCURACIES THAT MAY APPEAR IN THIS MANUAL, INCLUDING THE. P4PS-X ASUS Motherboard mainboard chipset základní desky Slot Socket information.

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No part of this manual, including the products and software described in it, may be asuz, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system, or translated into any language in any form or by any means, except documentation kept by the purchaser manaul backup purposes, without the express written permission asux ASUSTeK COMPUTER INC.

Product warranty or service will not be extended if: Operation is subject to the following two conditions: These limits are designed to provide reasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation.

However, there is no guarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this equipment does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception, which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of the following measures: The use of shielded cables for connection of the monitor to the graphics card is required to assure compliance asua FCC regulations.

Canadian Department of Communications Auss This digital apparatus does not exceed the Class B limits for radio noise emissions from digital apparatus set out in the Radio Interference Regulations of the Canadian Department of Communications.

If possible, disconnect all power cables from the existing system before you add a device. These devices could interrupt the grounding circuit. If you are not sure about the voltage of the electrical outlet you are using, contact your local power company. Contact a qualified service technician or your retailer.

If you detect any damage, contact your dealer immediately. Do not place the product in any area where it may become wet. Information to prevent injury to yourself when trying to complete a task. Information to prevent damage to the components when trying to complete a task. Information that you MUST follow to complete a task. Tips and additional information to aid in completing a task. Where to find more information Refer to the following sources for additional information and for product and software updates.

Optional Documentation Your product package may include optional documentation, such as warranty flyers, that may have been added by your dealer. These documents are not part of the standard package.

It includes brief descriptions of the motherboard components, and illustrations of the layout, jumper settings, and connectors. Before you start installing the motherboard, and hardware devices on it, check the items in your package with the list below. The ultra-fast MHz memory bus delivers the required bandwidth for the latest 3D graphics, multimedia, and Internet applications. See page to set the BIOS items for overclocking.


This protection eliminates the need to buy a replacement ROM chip. Unplug the power cord from the wall socket before touching any component. Use a grounded wrist strap or touch a safely grounded object or to a metal object, such as the power supply case, before handling components to avoid damaging them due to static electricity.

Hold components by the edges to avoid touching the ICs on them. Whenever you uninstall any component, place it on a grounded antistatic pad or in the bag that came with the component. Before you install or remove any component, ensure that the ATX power supply is switched off or the power cord is detached from the power supply. When lit, the green LED indicates that the system is ON, in sleep mode, or in soft-off mode, a reminder that you should shut down the system and unplug the power cable before removing or plugging in any motherboard component.

The illustration below shows the location of the onboard LED. The edge with external ports goes to the rear part of the chassis as indicated in the image below.

Do not overtighten the screws!

Doing so may damage the motherboard. Place this side towards the rear of the chassis Chapter 1: This mark indicates the processor Pin 1 that should match a specific corner of the CPU socket. Under Linux, use the Hyper-Threading compiler to compile the code. If you are using any mqnual operating systems, disable the Hyper-Threading Technology item in the BIOS to ensure system stability and performance. To use the Hyper-Threading Technology on this motherboard: Locate p4p800s-x pin ZIF socket on the motherboard.

Position the CPU above the socket such that its marked corner matches the base of the socket lever. Carefully insert the CPU into the socket until it fits in place.

The CPU fits only in one correct orientation. The lever clicks on the side tab to indicate that it is locked.

Install a CPU heatsink and fan following the instructions that came with the heatsink package. Failure to do so may cause severe damage to both the motherboard and the components. Use any of the recommended configurations in Table 1.

Asus P4P800S-X User Manual

For optimum compatibility, it is recommended that you obtain memory modules from the same vendor. See list of Qualified Vendors List on page Refer to Table 2 for configurations. A – supports one module inserted into either slot, manua, a Single-channel memory configuration. B – supports on pair of modules inserted into either the slots as one pair of Dual-channel memory configuration.

3 main menu | Asus P4PS-X User Manual | Page 45 / 70 | Original mode

C – support for 4 modules inserted into all the slots as two pairs of Dual-channel memory configuration. Visit the ASUS website www. P4p800s-d a DIMM socket by pressing the retaining clips outward. Install an expansion card following the instructions that came with the chassis.

Turn on the system and change the necessary BIOS settings, if any. Assign an IRQ to the card. Refer to the tables next page. Otherwise, conflicts will arise between the two PCI groups, making the system unstable and the card inoperable.


Note the notches on the card golden fingers to ensure that they fit the AGP slot on the motherboard. This motherboard does not support 3. Turn OFF the computer and unplug the power cord. Move mabual jumper cap p4800s-x pins default to pins Plug the power cord and turn ON the computer. Removing the cap will cause system boot failure!

Asus P4PS-X User Manual | 70 pages

For system failure due to overclocking, use the C. CPU Parameter Recall feature. Shut down and reboot the system so BIOS can automatically reset parameter settings to default values. This pin port connects a parallel printer, a scanner, or other devices. This Line In light blue jack connects a tape player or other audio sources.

In 6-channel mode, the function of this jack becomes Rear Speaker Out. This Line Out lime jack connects a headphone or a speaker. In 6-channel mode, the function of this jack becomes Front Speaker Out. This Mic pink jack connects a microphone. The functions of the Line Out, Line In, and Microphone jacks change when you select the 6-channel audio configuration as shown in the following table.

This 9-pin COM1 port is for serial devices. This jack connects to external audio output devices.

After connecting one end to the motherboard, connect the other end to the floppy drive. Pin 5 is removed to prevent incorrect insertion when using ribbon cables with pin 5 plug. Orient the red markings on the floppy ribbon cable to PIN 1. Follow the hard disk drive documentation when setting the device in master or slave mode. This prevents incorrect orientation when you connect the cables. The hole near the blue connector on the UltraATA cable is intentional.

PIN 1 Chapter 1: ICH5 supports a maximum of six 6 devices using these OS. ICH5 supports a maximum of four 4 devices using these OS. The plugs from the power supply are designed to fit these connectors in only one orientation. Find the proper orientation and push down firmly until the connectors completely fit. The minimum recommended wattage is W for a fully configured system. The system may become unstable and may experience difficulty powering up if the power supply is inadequate. Connect the fan cables to the fan connectors on the motherboard, making sure that the black wire of each cable matches the ground pin of the connector.

Do not forget to connect the fan cables to the fan connectors. Lack of sufficient air flow within the system may damage the motherboard components. These are not jumpers! DO NOT place jumper caps on the fan connectors!

You may install the USB module in the chassis front panel.