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Scrupulous cleanliness must be observed to prevent dirt or moisture from causing damage. The parameters which shall be indicated are as follows: The top edge of the contact line or area shall be at least 0. Turn the flow rate micrometer clockwise as viewed from in front of the engine to increase aetm flow shorten the clock time per unit volume.

Connecting Rod Assembly BA When making replacements always use astk complete mated assembly. In some cases, however, selection of specific sizes or specification criteria are important to achieve the proper conditions for the cetane testing equipment unit.

The system should then be flushed with clean hot water before recharging with rust inhibited coolant water. Warning—The pump and timing gear box oil sumps are not connected to each other and the lubrication for the two is independent. However, the relationship to the performance of such materials in full scale atm is not completely understood.

Set the flywheel to a position at any point on the intake stroke. Check and adjust the thermal switch set point as required. Connect a piece of plastic tubing to the fuel line air trap connection aztm submerge the other end of this tube in a small container of diesel fuel oil such that bubbling in the container may be observed when appropriate.

The two critical valve events are those that occur near top-dead-center tdc ; intake valve opening and exhaust valve s613.

ASTM D – 01 Standard Test Method for Cetane Number of Diesel Fuel Oil

This is accomplished using the bracketing handwheel procedure which varies the compression ratio handwheel reading for the sample and each of two bracketing reference fuels to obtain a specific ignition delay permitting interpolation of cetane number in terms of handwheel reading. The overtravel should be 0. The calibration marks on the buret are in 1 mL increments so that fuel flow rate is easily measured by noting the time required for engine consumption to lower the buret fuel level by a specific number of mL.


Replace the cylinder if the internal diameter at the area of maximum wear is more than 0.

A water manometer is asmt satisfactory alternative. D — 05 Designation: Hg shall be 6 kPa 6 20 psi when read as quickly as possible after shutdown of the engine which had been at standard operating conditions.

Separate the nozzle from the cap nut. For each fuel, be certain to check all parameters carefully and allow operation to reach equilibrium before recording the handwheel readings. Any mated parts, such as delivery valve and seat or barrel and plunger assembly, must be kept together. These quieting ramps are flat spots in the contour which occur at 0. D6133 bypass valve must remain open for the remainder of the compression pressure check procedure.

Typically, blends differing by 5 volume percent T Fuel will span about 2. As an example, an engine located where the barometric pressure is mm Hg would be expected to have a compression pressure of approximately kPa 6 20 psi.

Otherwise, f613 camshaft needs retiming either by shifting the cam gear with respect to the crankshaft or by locating the cam gear on its shaft by using one of the other three keyways. Nozzle Sealing Ring Groove: Balancing Shaft Journal Diameter 1. Discharge tubing diameter shall be as small as practical to 0. A slot in the solenoid connecting linkage permits an adequate range of freedom of micrometer adjustment to provide the proper fuel flow rate for typical fuels.

The most important feature of such a valve assembly is the dispensing fitting which is formed so that only a very minimum of drip can occur if the collection container is 21 Copyright by ASTM Int’l all rights reserved ; Wed Dec 12 Your comments will receive careful consideration at a meeting of the responsible technical committee, which you may attend.

Fuel is dispensed either through an integral glass stopcock or a separate valve. The bearings, gears, seals, covers, special fittings or hardware and gaskets manufactured by Waukesha Engine Division and applicable to each critical assembly shall also be considered critical.

A slight shifting of the handwheel to achieve slot lineup will not affect the indexing. Remove the machine bolt which connects the fuel rack to the safety shutoff solenoid and check that the rack is forced forward against the fuel flow-rate micrometer which should be in a typical operating position.


The piston should be used to square the ring in the bore about 1 in. Replacement requires special tools.

This standard is subject to revision at any time by the responsible technical committee and must be reviewed every five years and if not revised, either reapproved or withdrawn. Engineering and technical support for this function is required, and the user shall be responsible to comply with all local and national codes and installation requirements.

Proper positioning is accomplished through the use of plastic or paper gaskets, available in several thicknesses and selected by trial and error for assembly between the cylinder and crankcase deck. For more specific warning statements, see Annex A1.

ASTM D613 – Cetane Number

The typical sequence for this process is as follows: If the points do not fit an easily defined smooth curve, the injector nozzle is probably suspect and may require further cleaning maintenance or replacement. Turn the large handwheel so that the edge of the drum is in alignment with the 1. Warning—Sharp knocking sounds may occur and blowby smoke may appear from the d13 as the handwheel is rotated in the counterclockwise direction which increases the handwheel reading.

Typically this inspection could be part of a top overhaul. Calibration and Engine Qualification In addition, the engine measurements continue to be in inch-pound units because of the extensive and expensive tooling that has been created for these units.

Install the associated fuel lines. The selected fuel is delivered to the fuel pump inlet and fills the fuel sump or gallery.

However, depending on the severity of testing, the process may need to be performed more frequently and some testing facilities make it a practice to install a cleaned and checked injector prior to each unit startup.