Posts about table 54A written by ronmooring. Full access to all ASTM / Petroleum tables (including update): table 5 / 6 / of Observed Density to Density at 15°C and Table 54A Generalized Crude Oils, ASTM D Standard Guide for Use of the Petroleum Measurement. If ” CRUDE ” TABLES 54A and 6A are selected, – If ” PRODUCTS ” TABLES 54B and 6B are 1, A.S.T.M. TABLES. 2. 3, GRADE, Unleaded Gasoline, QUALITY.

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All you have to do is enter the total quantity, enter the viscosities of the two components, sstm enter the target viscosity, and then the app will calculate the required quantity for each component.

Resources Digital Transformation may be defined in a number of different ways by analysts or enterprise software vendors.

Notice that in pdf report settings we have now changed the draft to For each section there are two sets of data: Just like the other reports, once we generate the pdf or jpg file, we get the option to send the report by email, export the report to csv, and email the csv, as discussed in the previous tutorials.

Both volume in the volume field and the water dip field will be converted.

The below is usually not applicable to Chemical cargoes in liquid bulk, since the ASTM tables are normally not applicable there. Once a cargo operation is completed, we can use the transfer executive summary utility to: Individual and Special Applications Table 24C.

  700 CF400D PDF

Adjunct to D Petroleum Measurement Tables Volume VII D 80 (HISTORICAL) – ADJD

This is the end of part 4 of this tutorial; in part 5 we will discuss the VEF report. The possibilities of reporting realized in software are immense; such a big set of options and features has never been included in one software package before. The first time you do this, the app will immediately show the pdf file or the jpg image, more on that later of the report as shown above.

The density of the first parcel was In the generated report only entries that have been completed with date and time are printed. Ship Oil EU Cal: In the previous 544a concerning the ullage report we completed generating two ullage reports, and we discussed how to generate the ullage report, send it by mail and export it to csv.

It is ashm amusing to note that some of these people, I’ve had to prepare for vettings etc.

Do not use centimetres for the observed sounding. In order to enter the daily consumption for either Fuel or Diesel Oil, make sure to have the first tank within the Fuel or Diesel group selected, otherwise the three fields will not be enabled.

Do we need to keep the steering gear pumps on once the vessel is alongside?

Item 4 under these switches lets you select whether the cargo operation is at a shore terminal or doing ship to ship. Recently we discussed the third document of the set of documents required to be produced in the load port, the Slop report.


The tutorials part 11 for the Android version of Cargo Surveyor deals with the time sheet. Y is the distance of the sounding point to the aft bulkhead. Moreover you have 2 options of calculations: 54q ends the tutorial no.

table 54A – Mooring Marine Consultancy

Like 0 Dislikes 0. By continuing aastm use this website, you agree to their use. Each parcel will be loaded evenly across all tanks so as to achieve a homogeneously commingled end product. More things to do on myseatime.

You will have noticed that there are no entries for L1, L2 and L3; this vessel is fitted with deepwell pumps, and consequently has no bottom lines, so no quantities need to be added or deducted for bottom lines.

If awtm do not get exactly the same figures as in the above report, the complete settings as used for our Testship are as follows:.

Straight to the point:

It is normally applicable only to Crude Oils. We explained the function of the various buttons for changing units, and we discussed briefly the differences between the cargo types that are available. In the bottom of the screen the title of the report, as well as the grade name are displayed in an animated scrolling text field:.