Stream L’Egyptien hiéroglyphique, a playlist by Assimil from desktop or your mobile device. I was trying to find some Assimil downloads for English –> German, but all of the torrent sites seem to be down. Anyone have a solid. Assimil El Aleman – Learn German for Spanish Speakers book (German Edition) [ Assimil Language Courses] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying.

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Assimil – El Alemán sin Esfuerzo

How is it possible to learn German easily and effortlessly? Actually this is the answer to the question:. And asskmil most important thing is that you are actively involved. Wann wollen Sie schwimmen? German Opposites Lesson This method helps beginners but also advanced students.

Content related to specific languages, general language learning and linguistics are all allowed.

Тавтай морилогтун

Try to guess what the following German sentences mean. Wann wollen Sie mit mir tanzen? See, I told you. The Word “is” in German Lektion 5: Unsubscribe at any time. Join them as their research takes them across Germany — and learn German along the way!


Our, your, their in German Lesson The Word “is” in German. Days of the Week in German. If you are a beginner you should focus at first on: German Numbers Lektion 9: Conjugation of sein and haben.

Being able to think in German is what you need if you want to speak German fluently. Ich muss meine Haare waschen. After all, my German lessons on this website are free and if you sign up to my email course I will teach you the TPRS method in detail.

Assimil | Open Library

I think the best way for you is to try it. Er sie es instead of the Noun.

Ich muss Sie finden. Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube.

With every repetition you will deepen what you have learned. So in order to get the most out of my email course, you need to read every bit of my emails and click every link which will lead you to more tips and sample lessons.


Get the best cultural and educational resources on the web curated for you in a daily email. You could also check out my other free lessons: You have to have fun! If you have listened to the story, you learned all necessary German words to answer the questions.

Conjugation of sein and haben Lesson Ich bin ein Monster.

Learn German Easily | Learn German Online Free

When want you drink? Submit a new text post. Read the wiki before asking assimul questions. Please be mature and respectful. Der eingeblendete Hinweis Banner dient dieser Informationspflicht.

If you get a funny or interesting story, you would probably have no problem to repeat it more than one time repetition is very important.