RAMAYANA SERIES: THE COMPLETE EDITION – Kindle edition by AKB eBOOKS, Ashok K. Banker. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC. King of Ayodhya (Ramayana, book 6) by Ashok K Banker – book cover, description, publication history. (The sixth book in the Ramayana series) A novel by. The Ramayana book series by Ashok K. Banker includes books Prince of Ayodhya (Ramayana, Book 1), Siege of Mithila, Demons of Chitrakut (Ramayana, .

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The series is ranked at No. Although it has often appeared on readers’ choice polls as a favourite contemporary fiction on post-liberalisation India, it is one of Banker’s lesser known works.

Due to his early association with the scifi genres, his work is often found on several recommended reading lists and discussed in seminars, conventions, essays and books. King of Ayodhya Ramayana S. Banker has published in several genres, ranging from contemporary fiction about urban life in India to multi-volume mythological epicsas well as cross-genre works.

At the mortal plane they do feel the pain of seperation, physical hurt etc. Three of his early novels to be published were crime thrillersclaimed to be the first written by an Indian novelist in English.

The school itself was the alma mater of many prominent personalities. King of Ayodhya RS 7: Rage of Jarasandha KC 6: Banker is best known for his Ramayana Series, a freely imaginative retelling of the ancient Sanskrit epic poem. Prince at War RS Omnibus 4: Rider of Garuda KC 8: Random House Academic Resources website. He is reported to have several television shows in development and production, including the highly successful historical TV show Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat on Colors.

King of Ayodhya

One of the first Indian authors to embrace changing technology, Banker began sharing his work online with readers as early aswhen public internet access began in India. Among his close friends were the son and daughter of the Rabbi of the Magen David Synagogue in Byculla, who also studied at the same high school.


Blood Red Sari Kali Rising 2: His original English-language screenplay Sid is an inspired retelling of the life of Gautama Buddha reborn in present-day America; it was optioned in by Excel Entertainment to be produced and directed by Farhan Akhtar.

His views often veered from the outright derogatory [17] to effusive praise. Shopping Cart Your cart is empty.

King of Ayodhya (Ramayana, book 6) by Ashok K Banker

Babker of Banker’s original screenplays have been optioned or purchased for production but remain unproduced to date due to the daunting budgets required to bring his epic stories to the big screen. The result was India’s first ebook best-sellers and first successful independent ebookstore.

Banker has often commented publicly about abuse he faced growing up on account of his lack of religion, caste or racial identity.

His first novel though the fifth published Vertigo is about a man struggling to make a successful career and home life in Bombay the former name of Mumbai.

Each of these ebooks have new professionally designed covers. Dance of Govinda KC 3: When that country achieved independence, all other members of her family chose to claim British citizenship and either return to the UK or migrate to other countries.

Eight magnificent ebook editions plus one non-fiction book. His Gods of War was released by Penguin in John from the Bible, produced by Kelly and performed by Banker and other students at their high school auditorium, Hill Grange. Subsequently, the series was telecast in over 30 countries worldwide and ran for half-hour episodes. The Week, cover story, August Lord of Mathura KC 5: The war descends into a brutal maelstrom as champions die and heroes sacrifice their lives for Rama’s cause.

Sunday, article in issue of January He has mentioned in interviews how she not only encouraged him to write but even financed the publication of his first book, a collection of his poetry titled Ashes in the Dust of Time, which he self-published at age 15, and which was selected to represent Young India at the World Book Fair in Paris.


Banker has recreated this epic tale of magic and intrigue for modern readers everywhere. Society Magazine, cover story titled “Byculla Boy”, August Still, the brave vanars and bears rally and fight on, despite the formidable odds.

May Agnes was the only member of her family to move to India. Describing himself as a ‘post-racial post-religious’ Indian. His writing spans crime thrillers, essays, literary criticism, fiction and mythological retellings.

Armies of Hanuman RS 5: He has been credited as the author of the first ebook by an Indian author, the first online serial novel, the first multimedia novel, and numerous other early experiments with digital publishing. Views Read Edit View history. Rust Black Heart Kali Rising 4: It is often credited with being either directly or largely responsible for the current resurgence of interest in mythology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Vengeance of Ravana RS 8: Random Quote What I liked most about the whole Krishna series is the way you have depicted the divinity as well as mortal pains of Kirshna and Balarama.

Flute of Vrindavan KC 4: King of Ayodhya Author s: At least one Indian publisher, Westland Books, has capitalised on the success of Banker’s Ramayana Series by publishing other authors such as Amish Tripathi and Ashwin Sanghifinally signing on the “epic Indian storyteller” himself in [30] for his volume Mahabharata Asgok. Rama, king-in-waiting, ramahana crossed the ocean, and the great war has begun.