Find out all of the information about the ASCON TECNOLOGIC S.r.l product: digital temperature regulator / programmable / PID / process M5. Contact a supplier. CE compatibility, ASCON is ISO certified, 3 years warranty. Technical M5. Setpoint. Tuning. One shot. Auto tuning. Adaptive. Operating mode. PV/SP. Find great deals for Ascon M Controller 24v. 5e. Shop with confidence on eBay!.

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They are organised in functionally homogeneous groups, like: This is why we have a number of repair options to suit your requirements: Access protection Password to access the configuration data and the parameter protection menu Supply This phase is flagged by flashing momentarily the display with SP.

The alarm state ceases when the fault condition is no longer present. At power on the Adaptive Tune starts automatically. All the information and warnings about safety and electromagnetic compatibility are marked with the B sign, at the side of the note.

This may be required to carry out the services and processed requested by you like the processing of orders, event and seminar registrations or for customer service purposes, or to provide you with information about products and services.

A When the distance between the controller and the sensor is 15 meters, using a cable of 1.

O Time units p. Setting 1, the overshoot control is disabled. Personal data includes, for example, your name, postal address, e-mail address, and other information about you.

There are asfon types of segments: We also supply newrefurbished and service exchange parts. Therefore, a repair can be hardly carried on directly by the user. C Derivative Time Cool Derivative Time It is the derivative term coefficient that specifies the time required by the proportional term P to reach the level of D.


Setpoint menu prog Menu We never share your personal data with third parties for marketing purposes, we do not sell or give them away. Your personal data which we obtained via our 5m site or through other channels is processed and recorded to be used to contact with you and to transmit you our marketing efforts eg.

Ascon M5 Process Controller Setpoint Programmer

Code read Hide Code AItr fast read Hide Access level The parameters in the access level Visible fast are recalled on the front panel through the procedure of fast parameter access illustrated in par. If no keys are pressed for, at least, 30 seconds, the controller switches back, automatically, to the operator mode. When set to Off this function is disabled.

Err -bnd -Htr O. Overshoot control Automatically disabled when the adaptive tune is running This parameter specifies the span of action of the overshoot control. Class II instrument, real panel mounting. The repair of electronics is our core business, therefore, unlike original equipment manufacturers, we invest all our skill and energy in providing a high quality, cost effective repair solution geared asccon the needs asscon our customers. Home About Us Products Contact.

If the slope parameter is set to zero the Setpoint variation occurs instantaneously. Please, contact your nearest Agent for further information. Custom Built Test Rigs.

Klemsan Support

The mnemonic displayed at the time the next parameter is selected, is the one ascoh in the parameter. This applies to all the models and in all the operating modes. Send us your part Send your part to us for a free evaluation and quotation.


Hi NO 16 rs. Ascno actual segment period is calculated as ti. The end of this phase is flagged by flashing momentarily the display with SP. C Integral Time Cool integral Time It is the integral time value, that specifies the time required by the integral term to generate an output equivalent to the proportional term When Off the integral term is not included in the control algorithm.

The obligations that Klemsan Elektrik Elektronik A.

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It is the ideal for all applications where it is required to change continuously the P. Conf Time units and Setpoint slope p. In addition, we will use this data to send you proposals and to inform you about new products, services asccon topics you may be interested in, from time to time. It is displayed in the function menu at the parameter t.

Op Control output high limit Cool output high limit It specifies the maximum value the control output can be set. M5 The information about product coding are accessible from the front panel by mean of a particular procedure described at section 5.