Common name: Indian Wormwood, Fleabane, Mugwort • Hindi: नागदोना Nagdona, दवना Davana • Manipuri: লেইবাক ঙৌ Leibakngou. Natural products are the main stay of the alternative system of medicine. Artemisia nilagirica is commonly known as the Indian wormwood. Undershrubs, ca. m tall, aromatic, perennial, fruticose; stems paniculately branched, incanus, pubescent or tomentose. Leaves simple alternate, upper ones.

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Moreover, they are also responsible for DNA damage, which manifests in the form of genetic abnormalities that induce tumorigenicity and sustain subsequent tumour progression [ 3 ]. Common names for various species in the genus include mugwort artejisia, wormwoodand sagebrush.

A Review on Therapeutic Potential of Artemisia nilagirica

The phytochemical screening of A. The percentage of oil constituents and the yield of oil vary with the distribution of the plant and also depend on the growth phases Figure 1. Seriphidium Besser ex Hook.

Flora of North America. A modified thiobarbituric acid-reactive species TBARS assay [ 30 ] was employed to evaluate artemixia of lipid peroxidation using rat liver homogenate as lipid rich medium.

It can be influenced by number of factors and cannot be comprehensively evaluated by a single method. Among various extracts of A. May be referred to as or include habit, defined as the characteristic mode of growth or occurrence associated to its environment, particularly for plants.


This contributes to the difficulty in determining Tridentatae’s phylogeny. Comprising its size, shape, texture and orientation. Materials and methods Plant material and explants establishment Nodal explants 1. Remember me Forgot password? This page was last edited on 10 Nilagirciaat Chemical composition and antifungal activity of Artemisia nilagirica essential oil growing in northern hilly area of India. The quantitative analysis of total flavonoid content of various crude extracts of A.

There were about In Artemisia pallensa semiorganized green callus with shoot buds on medium containing BAP and IAA and an unorganised callus on medium containing BAP and 2, 4-D from germinated seedlings has been reported by Benjamin et al. Total antioxidant potential of the different extracts of A. Renu, Sanjana Julias Thilakar, D. The results are presented in Table 1. A study shows that nilahirica essential oils of A.

India Biodiversity Portal

In modern world, use of medicines such as antibiotics are causing resistance towards many pathogenic bacteria. The extracts possessed different antioxidant and radical-scavenging activities in different assays. Hence, the percentage of cupric chelating effect was calculated by the following Eqn.

Among the extracts, the ANA was found to be potent superoxide radical nilagiirica with the percentage inhibition of Habitat destruction for agricultural purposes and low seed viability is a major concern for the propagation of these plants.

Medicinal aremisia serve as artemisiz source for phytoconstituents that possess potent antioxidant and antiproliferative properties. It is used for the treatment of human parasites, animals and plants. The variation in the phytochemical profile compared to earlier reports [ 4243 ] in the present work may be the result of the involvement of these compounds in different functional roles in the plants collected from different places of the world.


ANW was found to be more potent with the percentage inhibition of Druce Artemisia indica Willd.

The murine peritoneal macrophages were used as a model for normal cells. In this study, we have also arttemisia that two extracts of A.

Please review our privacy policy. Conservation of medicinal plants of Western Ghats, India and its sustainable utilization through in vitro technology. Ling Artemisia younghusbandii J. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC. The rats shoed an efficient therapeutic property which was confirmed by low WBC count monocytes and neutrophils.

Chelation therapy decreases iron-related complications and hence progresses the quality of life and overall survival [ 4849 ]. Artemisinin is the drug which is recommended worldwide against malaria [ 37 ].