Art interprets the visible world, physics charts its unseen workings–making the two realms seem completely opposed. But in Art & Physics, Leonard Shlain tracks. “Art and physics, like wave and particle, are an integrated duality: They are simply two different but complementary facets of a single description. A California surgeon explores the striking parallels in the evolution of Western art and science in this enlightening exploration of where ideas.

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Truthfully speaking I couldn’t finish even a chapter, mainly because I had no idea about many terms, which were not familiar to me, and I was ignorant of basic knowledge about art and even physics. He suggests that the existence of a universal mind -“an overarching, disembodied universal consciousness that binds and organizes the power generated by every person’s thoughts” – could explain “how an artist can incorporate ideas into his or her work that have not as yet been discovered by physicists and that are certainly unknown to the general public.

ART AND PHYSICS by Leonard Shlain | Kirkus Reviews

Jun 30, Marc Nash rated it it was amazing. This book takes the history of science and the history of art and shows the similarities in the various art and science movements. From teh classical Greek sculptors to Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns, and from Aristotle to Einstein, aritsts have foreshadowed the discoveries of scientists, such as when Money and Cezanne intuited the coming upheaval in physics that Einstein would initiate.

I am loving this book. Contrary to popular belief, the strength of physcs tidal forces is inversely proportional to the size of the black hole. Well, this is definitely a highly speculative hypothesis which has never been corroborated by even the flimsiest shred of evidence, and something against the current consensus – page It is a book that phyysics contain some very interesting and original insights, and it is well written in a beautiful, engaging and fluent prose; the author is also quite brilliant as an art critic, and proficient and knowledgeable as an art historian.


Art interprets the visible world, physics charts its leonarv workings–making the two realms seem completely opposed. What does this say about us? Sep 02, Maxine rated it it was amazing.

Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light

It does loop back on itself in places like a Moebius Strip, with Einstein a colossus that dominates many chapters, but still a good book to help you organise your own thoughts on the subjects. Although I am not sure, after reading this book, that I subscribe to the fundamental premise that the author suggests in this work, I highly recommend a read.

Personally, I think that there is no question that the latter is the more fitting answer. The final chapters explore possible reasons why these connections occur.

Pretty mystical stuff for a surgeon-turned-popular science writer. A fascinating and provocative discussion–slow in coalescing but worth the wait.

Art and Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light by Leonard Shlain

Professional academics, scientists, artists and so The full title of this book is Art and Physics: Later Einstein describes that dimensions will flatten out when viewed at speed of light. Shlain concluded after extensive research that “the radical innovations of art embody the preverbal stages of new concepts” concerning the nature of reality.

Some struck while reading as brilliant.

I guess the author is here referring leonarf the tidal forces experienced when approaching a black hole. It could have been so much better. I like this author because he asks “what if” and just sets about diving deep into what he wonders about.

Personally, I love the Renaissance period and the art movements I love the most are surrealism and fauvism. This may sound far out, but I would suggest you give this book a fighting chance.


If two events lenoard causally dhlain if one lies within the light cone of the other the causal order is preserved in all frames of reference. Oct 14, Tam Nguyen rated it it was amazing Shelves: Los Angeles Time — October 1, Phyaics Uses His Art in Brilliant Battle with Skeptics When a Marin County surgeon discourses on art and physics, especially after cheerfully admitting that he taught himself nearly all he knows about both subjects, the reader can be forgiven for some initial skepticism.

He is the author of “The Alphabet Versus the Goddess: So, seeing them together in one book sounded like too much fun.

Art & Physics: Parallel Visions in Space, Time, and Light

On the contrary, for small black holes the tidal forces would kill even well before the astronaut reaches the event horizon. What is amazing about these two disciplines is that they have throughout history developed obliviously to one another. Lists with This Book.

But this is also a book that is deeply flawed, riddled with scientific and historical inaccuracies, defined by a questionable methodological approach, and directed at proving an outlandish and utterly unconvincing thesis. Dec 09, Julie rated it it was amazing Recommended to Julie by: I really has me questioning why Pjysics do my art the way I do. The best statement is in page elonard, though: Clearly, the author is no historian. Chain of cognitive orgasms.