ARSENE LUPIN: by Maurice Leblanc adapted by J-M. & R. Lofficier. cover by Jean-Claude Claeys On my left, Alsace-Lorraine. On my right, Baden. Arsene Lupin in [Maurice LeBlanc] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Arsene Lupin, accused of murder, heads the police investigation . Arsène Lupin – [Maurice LEBLANC] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. LIVRE DE POCHE Policier n° () – Maurice LEBLANC .

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This page was last edited on 16 Octoberat The story revolves around Arsen Lupin, a beloved French scumbag that would steal your grandmother’s purse if the thought anything was in it, and although not the type that would kill himself, always seemed to be in the middle of controversy when someone A tale of incredulity, buffoonery, naivete’, comedy, stupidity, iconoclasm, icon worship, self destruction, conceit, and staggering inefficiency, none of it intentional.

Namun, masyarakat kota ini tahu bahwa The Gentlemeny Thief tidak pernah meng Judul: What was his response? In his novel, Leblanc postulates that it is hollow and housed the secret treasures of the Kings of France. Lupin pun sadar waktunya semakin menipis baik untuk mengungkap kebenaran, memenuhi ambisinya, dan juga demi melindungi orang-orang yang disayanginya.

And the windowsarrsne wide open, even at night, always remained darkwithout ever being lit by the brightness of a candle or a lamp. In August, the Kaiser arranges for Lupin to be freed. Lupin had not awoken. I really can’t say much of anything about this book without spoilers, but it wasn’t what I expected, and that’s a good thing.

Arsene Lupin, sang Pencuri. Lupin enters the fray and embarks on an adventure that opens as apparently a jewellery theft gone wrong and end with the blackmailing of one of Europe’s largest royal houses. Just a few incidents that added to the ambiance ridiculousness. Yah, penggambaran karakter tokoh tidak terlalu begitu kuat, tapi aku sudah cukup terpesona dengan aura Lupin. Is it really worth it? A zealous reader, collating the translation of this book with the original, would hit upon certain differences.


This work may also be in the public domain in countries and areas with longer native copyright terms that apply the rule of the shorter term luoin foreign works.

This has been my least favorite of the Arsene Lupin series so far. Kertas itu adalah sebuah label dengan pinggiran biru dan bertuliskan angka Jan 25, Marts Thinker rated it it was amazing Shelves: In the first part we find the multimilionnaire Rudolph Kesselbach in front of individuals who want to pick what lies in a vault at the Lpuin probably led luupin Lupin him even arzne thing quiet for four years.

Then there was the secret clock.

– Wikisource, the free online library

Without giving away the plot the ending was worth it. October – Lupin marries Clarisse. Aug 10, Steve rated it liked it. If only the commissary of police did not get there first, if only the examining-magistrate, who was no doubt already appointed, or the 831 surgeon, did not come to make inopportune discoveries before the chief had time to fix the essential points of the case in his mind! Raffles and John Sinclair a. Curiously, is also the year arshe John Sinclair, a. Mengetahui bahwa Pierre Leduc telah meninggal, Lupin memanfaatkan seorang penyair putus as untuk mengambil identitas Leduc.

It’s Lupin time again folks. Kesselbach’s secret may lead to the redrawing of the political map of Europe. April-August – Lupin then comes face-to-face with, and eventually becomes the lover of, Josephine Balsamoa. Awal cerita sangat menjanjikan.

They deduce that it was the coffee, but nobody bothers to check kitchen for any clues as to the identity of the drugger. Dan pada saat Lupin keluar dari kediaman Mr. But could Asne have been involved behind the scenes? Yang jelas, secara keseluruhan nilai positif dan negatif buku bagi saya adalah yang tercantum di atas. To ask other readers questions aboutplease sign up.


813 by Maurice Leblanc

Readers may think the story full of tropes and it certainly shares storylines with Sherlock Holmes but for a piece written in between it would have been considered timely and full of interesting social details. Lupin burglarizes Thibermesnil Castle, arrsne meets Nelly Underwood again. Want to Read saving…. One of the most famous Arsene Lupin’s stories.

Arsene Lupin: 813

What ought he to do? Called in to solve an ancient riddle, Holmes succeeds but only to find out that Lupin has slipped in the night before and got away with the treasure. As an intermediate French learner, it was readable, but challenging, mostly due to the many characters and twisty plot. Watsonhave a chance meeting with Lupin and Leblanc in a Paris restaurant.

Kasus ini semakin rumit tatkala sang pembunuh mulai terganggu dengan tindak-tanduk Lupin. Tuesday, June 15, Arsene Lupin: July – Sonia Krichnoff is killed in unrevealed circumstances.

Newer Post Older Post Home. July-December – Lupin is thrown in jail, but continues the fight from his cell. And this lack of initiative had become still more marked since M. Of course, Lupin seemed to have an inordinate amount of cash to throw around, and if you believe Leblanc, just about everybody in France is on the take if the price is right, and Lupin seemed to always know what that price might be, no matter who they were.

A shocked Raymonde attempts to escape. Ia mencurigai ada pihak ketiga yang terlibat.