Professor Ragauskas, the Founder and Director of KTU Health Telematics Science Institute was bestowed Paper of the Year award from Congress of. Arminas Ragauskas. Professor A Ragauskas, V Matijosaitis, R Zakelis, K Petrikonis, D Rastenyte, I Piper,. A Ragauskas, G Daubaris, V Ragaisis, V Petkus. List of computer science publications by Arminas Ragauskas.

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President’s blog Patent information: First and second connectors are located on the shield, permitting an inflow and outflow of pressurized liquid to the chamber. Try out new Espacenet Tell us what you think. Is non-invasive monitoring of intracranial pressure waveform analysis possible?

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All eyes are now on NASA’s Scott and Mark Kelly, the only twins ever tested for the effects of long-duration space travel on the human ragauskss. Ragauskas – along with colleagues Gediminas Daubaris and Algis Dziugys from the Health Telematics Science Institute at Kaunas University of Technology, Lithuania – achieved a breakthrough by applying the Doppler wavelength effect in order to arrive at an accurate reading of cranial pressure, using an ingeniously simple formula. This applied external pressure is then compared to the autonomous intracranial pressure Armlnas.

Annual Report Demand for European patents grows. In Europe, roughly 2. The shield has an inner surface and an outer transducer surface. Acta ophthalmologica 93 1, Non-invasive intracranial pressure measurement glaucoma TBi cerebral autoregulation.

Scientists already know that prolonged periods of space flight in zero gravity can have profound effects. A method and system of predicting a hypotensive episode in a patient using one or more time varying hypotension specific biomarkers corresponding to physiological processes in the patient. New articles related to this author’s arminaa.

Arminas Ragauskas (Lithuania)

The pressure at which such equalization occurs is used as a reference for autocalibration of the apparatus so that continuous absolute intracranial pressure measurements may be taken over a particular sampling period. When the waveforms of arterial wall movement between the intracranial segment and the extracranial segment are similar the intracranial pressure can be determined.


Kaunas University of Technology. Intensive care medicine 34 9, Ultrasound to safely measure brain pressure The invention of two devices for measuring intracranial pressure and blood flow by Lithuanian scientist Arminas Ragauskas enables fast and ragahskas diagnosis of traumatic brain arimnas, strokes, glaucoma and brain tumours.

A non-invasive method for monitoring of cerebrovascular blood flow autoregulation state includes sensing intracranial blood volume waves, filtering a slow wave, respiratory wave, and pulse wave informative components from said intracranial blood volume waves, filtering slow wave and respiratory wave reference components from the pulse wave envelope, calculating a first phase shift between said slow wave informative component and said slow wave reference component, calculating a second phase shift between said respiratory wave informative component and said respiratory wave reference component, and calculating the index of evaluation of the status of cerebral autoregulation state ICAS from said first phase shift and said second phase shift.

Contact European Patent Office european-inventor epo.

Arminas Ragauskas – Authors – Medicina

Articles 1—20 Show more. Intensive care medicine 30 6, The biomarkers can then be used to generate an acute hypotension prediction classifier, or monitored factor, derived from a three dimensional temporal representation of two or more biomarkers. An elastic film is sealed along its outer edge to the inner surface of the shield forming an expandable chamber. A device for obtaining an indication of the intracranial pressure of a living body includes a positional sensor which determines an initial position of an elastic biological object when the intracranial pressure within the living body is zero and which determines a subsequent position of the elastic biological object when the intracranial pressure within the living body is unknown but greater than zero.


Ragauskas’ novel measuring devices are important tools for treating intracranial injuries, which are among the world’s deadliest killers. The robust and accurate devices are garnering attention on the global brain-monitoring market, which includes diagnostic devices for TBI, strokes and tumours.

The absolute value of the intracranial pressure is identified as that external pressure at which such equalization occurs.

Finalist for the European Inventor Award Videos: The team’s raggauskas compute the pressure differential between the inside and the outside of the skull, based on a quick and simple reading ragzuskas from a sensor placed on the patient’s eye. They no longer need to resort to costly and time-consuming invasive surgery, which itself is not without risk.

Official Journal email alerts Get the latest issues delivered direct to your inbox Subscribe now. An ICP greater than 40 mmHg is almost always associated with neurological dysfunction impaired consciousness, breathing problemswhile an ICP above 60 mmHg tends to be fatal. Method and system for predicting of acute hypotensive episodes.

Arminas Ragauskas Inventions, Patents and Patent Applications – Justia Patents Search

Traumatic brain injury TBI and central nervous system tumours rank among the leading causes of death worldwide. Data derived from sensors or other measurement devices such as ECG sensors can be used to generate biomarkers.

Method and apparatus for non-invasively deriving and indicating of dynamic characteristics of the human and animal intracranial media A Ragauskas, G Daubaris US Patent 5, Scientists already know that prolonged periods of space flight in zero gravity can have profound effects.