Archie # has 24 ratings and 2 reviews. [Shai] Bibliophage said: This second issue in this series is about the preparation of Archie and Veronica for t. Read Archie () Issue # comic online free and high quality. Unique reading type: All pages – just need to scroll to read next page. Read “Archie #” by Michael Uslan with Rakuten Kobo. Archie Marries Veronica, Part 2: The Wedding’ Prepare to be shell-shocked.

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Letters typeset [no title indexed] Table of Contents: Letters typeset [Archie ] Table of Contents: Weatherbee; Cheryl Blossom; Pop Tate Synopsis On the evening of graduating college, Archie uses money given to him by his afchie to buy an enagagement ring for Veronica, who immediately accepts his proposal.

The Wedding Part 2 of 6 Table of Contents: Lodge; Smithers; Miss Grundy; Mr. Weatherbee; Professor Flutesnoot; Mrs. After the wedding and the honeymoon, Archie begins to work for Lodge Industries.

And after a year of marriage, Veronica announces another surprise for Archie — she’s pregnant! Betty is asked to be their ardhie, Archie’s friends offer to teach the kids the ropes, and the grandparents spoil the grandchildren.

Archie #601

Archie and Veronica find true love and happiness with each other. But when Archie aechie for a walk down Memory Lane, he decides to take the path he didn’t choose those many years ago. The graduates all meet at Pops for one last fling together, including an impromptu session of “the Archies” playing together for the last time. Veronica is excited about traveling to Europe and running one of her dad’s businesses in Paris. Archie accepts that he’ll never be in her class and procedes with his life plan: A stunned and hurt Veronica leaves the Chocklit Shop as Betty readily agrees.


#6011 the two inform their respective parents of the impending wedding. Andrews; Veronica Lodge; Smithers; Mr.

Archie #601 (Nov 2009, Archie)

Hugo Cassie’s boss Synopsis It’s a wedding not to be missed as Archie and Betty get married and immediately move to New York, where Betty has a job waiting. But after a year of trying to fit in, the Andrews are homesick and move back to Riverdale.

They both land teaching jobs at Riverdale High. On their first wedding anniversary, Archie and Betty are sharing a malt at Pop’s when she tells him she’s pregnant.

Archie # – Comics by comiXology

Andrews; Ilana Moose’s girlfriend ; Cameos: Lodge Synopsis Betty and Archie return to Riverdale only to discover many changes, including that Jughead and Midge are married. Nine months later, they are blessed with beautiful twins and their acrhie has a powerful affect on the town: Reggie and Veronica get married, Mr. Grundy begin dating, even Svenson and Ms. Beazley begin to date.

It is the perfect life Archie’s always dreamed about. Yesterday Today Tomorrow Table of Contents: Reprints from Archie Archie, series April Indexer Notes The epilogue places the gang back in high school before the Archie Wedding storyline.


Wedding themed strips that were produced around the time the stories in this book were originally published. Archie in “Will You Marry Me? ArchieSeries. Published in English United States. Reprints from Archie Archie, series October Reprints from Archie Archie, series November Reprints from Archie Archie, series December Reprints from Archie Archie, series January Reprints from Archie Archie, series February archi Reprints from Archie Archie, series March Archie Gets Married Epilogue: Afterword Table of Contents: Letters typeset Synopsis Michael Uslan discusses the influences he drew from for this story.

Bonus Material Table of Contents: Indexer Notes Wedding themed strips that were produced around the time the stories in this book were originally published. This issue was most recently modified by:.

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