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AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND. Start studying Military History AR Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AR Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures [US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army.

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ReferencesRequired and related publications and 780-5 and referenced forms are listed in appendix A. Historical Research CollectionConsists of historically significant documents non-artifact and other media from a specific organization, including thefollowing: Staff assistance visits also can aar conducted as needed.

The request should include a justification and a desired completion date. The procedures for access agreements as stated in paragraph 8—1c above will be followed. An organization is entitled to the honors of any organization it has incorporated through consolidation.

All classified materialmust be properly marked and safeguarded per AR —5. The two types of special designations are— 1 A traditional designation—one used at an organization continuously for the last 30 years or more.

Historical artifacts and art held in custody by any Army agency or organization, including those held overseas,are part of the Army Historical Collection and will be accounted for, cataloged, preserved, transferred, and disposed ofin accordance with AR — The panel is chaired by the Chief Historian.

The Visiting Military Scholar Program.

AR 870-5: Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

Historians and archivists will 8870-5 with museum personnel to differentiate between historical documents held bymuseums in support of their collections as defined in AR —20 and documents held in historical researchcollections.

When an organic element is removed from a color-bearing organization, the lineage of the element transfers withit. Giving equal coverage to both major and minor matters dilutes the importanceof the major ones.


Certified Army museums may request historic flags, colors, guidons, and associated materials for public exhibi-tion from the Center of Military History. A supervising director or curator of an Army museum or historical collection is the primary af responsibleofficer for historical artifacts and works of art.

A former Active Army or Army Reserve organization that has been disbanded may be reconstituted by theSecretary of the Army. A compilation of the mostsignificant documents that are cited or support the narrative will accompany three copies of the history—one for thecommand history files; one for the Army Heritage and Education Center, Carlisle Barracks, PA; and one for the Centerof Military History.

Army 870–5 Program Report. Respond to historical inquiries from the command, other Army and Defense Department units and organizations,veteran organizations, and the general public.

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Althoughcustomarily prepared by the assigned or attached historian of the reporting command 8705- agency, the Command Reportalso may be done by a designated staff officer within the reporting organization. Army and tothe American people is required by law 870- — and16, U. Create your own flipbook. The Administrative Assistant to the Secretary of the Armywill exercise general staff supervision over the Chief of Military History for all historical matters.

Interview packageThe following information will be reported for each interview and forwarded to the U.

Prepare, conduct, and preserve oral history interviews with the commander and key active duty and retiredmilitary and civilian staff officers, including End-of-Tour interviews and other interviews as appropriate or directed.

Display of honors a. The Center of Military History will provide disposition instructions to the organization. More specifically, the goal of theprofessorship is to impart knowledge and perspective to each of the military institutions.


Army will ensure that coats of arms and distinctive unit insignia for MTOEorganizations are based on their official lineage and honors.

Role of information technology. Each reporting office will submit electronicinformation papers and electronic copies of important documents summarizing key events, changes to organization,personnel, significant staff actions, and activities of that staff element to the Center of Military History, DAMH—HDS,not later than days after the end of the fiscal year.

Awide variety of modified format annual af are possible, including multiple-year histories, calendar year ratherthan fiscal 87-05 coverage, and annotated chronologies with statistical appendices and supporting documents in additionto a short narrative account. Prepare historical manuscripts for Armywide publication. Specific functions of this programfollow: Review and evaluate the professional historical credentials and qualification of all candidates for seniorcommand historian positions at Army commands.

AR 870-5 Military History Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

Historical publications may be disseminated in printed and electronic formats. Entitlement to organizational historical property will be determined by the Center of Military History. The commanders of these organizations will ensure that field history functions and activities as outlined in this qr adequate support at their subordinate commands, organizations, units, schools, centers, and installations.

During the second visit, fellows are required to reporton their work during the previous year.

870–5 The Chief ofMilitary History will identify CMH employees, active duty 5X officers, and Reserve Component augmentees toconstitute a military history element for use in accomplishing special projects and missions during combat andcontingency operations.