Aphytis melinus a excellent beneficial insect in controlling infestations of scale insects. Aphytis melinus (golden Chalcis) is a small parasitoid wasp yellow. USE: Aphytis melinus is a parasite that is effective on several different kinds of scale, including: red scale, yellow scale, and oleander scale. They are commonly . Aphytis melinus. Appearance: Aphytis melinus is a yellow parasitoid of about 1 mm in size. The difference between male and female wasps can not be seen with .

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We produce 16 commercial biological control products for IPM programs.

Aphytis melinus red scale parasite

Minimum 25, wasps per hectare 2. Release Aphytis at week intervals until scale levels are low. Dust is harmful to most beneficial insects and mites, so effective pest management melunus unlikely in dusty areas such as along roadways. Retrieved 14 November Unfortunately, we cannot provide individual solutions to specific pest problems.

An open cup may be left in a tree or applicator may walk through the rows releasing at will for rapid dispersal. The release rates depend on the host plants. We found a fair amount of variation in the percentage of A. Orders are sent via express courier services on Monday or Tuesday of each week, and usually arrive within a couple of days. Retrieved from ” https: Printer-friendly version How to Manage Pests: Toggle navigation Biological Services, Australia.

Aphytis melinus is a small light yellow parasitic wasp about 1mm in size. Regular monitoring by an experienced scout is recommended to check that the wasps zphytis established.


What are you searching for? Releases can continue through summer after pesticide applications and heat waves. A simple guideline is wasps per infested plant.

Orders received after noon on Tuesday are sent the following Monday. The larvae consume their host, and each A.

Aphytis melinus

The parasite larvae develop under the scale covering. When finished with its host, the larva enters the pupalor cocoon, stage. It is best to release Aphytis melinus in week intervals upon detection of scale until low scale numbers are observed.

Freight is charged at cost. The male’s window is during the second instar and pre-pupae development.

Aphytis melinus – Wikipedia

Adult wasps are only about melinu in size, just large enough to develop underneath a red aphyfis insect. If infestation levels are high apply insecticidal soap weeks prior to release. Pests aphids broad mite budmoth cabbage looper cabbageworm caterpillar clothes moths codling moth corn borer crane fly diamondback moth echinothrips fly fungus gnats grubs japanese beetle june beetle meliuns leafhopper leafminers leek moth looper mealybug midge mites nematode pantry moths red mite red spider scale insect spider mite springtail thrips weevil whitefly.

Oil sprays Bacillus thuringiensis and Sabadilla are compatible. Wasp size varied significantly for each of the insectaries throughout the year, with the apuytis months of July through August yielding significantly smaller females than other months. When it is ready to emerge, the young adult chews a small exit hole in the empty shell.

The next generation of Aphytis emerges about days later to mate and continue the cycle. Pest Management and Identification. Aphyits irrigation is less effective in increasing humidity but still valuable. Aphytis melinus is an internal parasite of apphytis California red scale, Aonidiella aurantiiwhich is a pest of citrus in California and elsewhere.


Quality control Inspect cups on arrival. A small number of perished wasps may be present at the base of the cup. During this time the scale population is still at an ebb after coming through the winter and yet weather conditions are generally warm enough to be conducive to releases of our insectary-reared parasites. Aphytis melinus adults can be confused with the adult male California red scale; however, the male scale has long antennae, a dark band around its back, and only one pair of wings.

Gently tap lid to dislodge some of the wasps from the lid onto fruit or foliage 2 release points. Papaws and a wide range of ornamentals, such as palms and ferns, are hosts for oriental and oleander scales.

This releasing plan is only mwlinus guide, the important thing is to ensure that the Aphytis are spread throughout the grove. Irrigation can help to minimise dust.

How to Manage Pests:

The adult parasites live approximately 26 days and will also dine on honeydew. Home Products Contact news Residential Commercial. For noncommercial purposes only, any Web site may link directly to this page.

Products We produce 16 commercial biological control products for IPM programs. Ant control is of paramount importance in all applications!