Sadly, the French mastermind known as Antonin Artaud () was not always a lucid one. The man who coined the term ‘theatre of cruelty’ spent a. Antonin Artaud was a French playwright, actor, and theatre director who is considered Artaud’s text included the two manifestos of the Theatre of Cruelty. wrote Antonin Artaud in The father of the rev- olutionary theatre of cruelty, Artaud wanted to do away with the traditional theatre, whose nuclear elements.

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Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, and if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. November 20, at The Cambridge Introduction to Modernism.

Deeply affected by the events of World War Icfuelty artists of the movement felt increasing skepticism of the existing societal structures that had allowed for global warfare. January 24, at 1: December 16, at 5: Speaking as a writer, I find the current stage of much theatre abysmal….

Theatre of Cruelty – Wikipedia

Justin Cash May 7, at February 23, at 4: August StrindbergSwedish playwright, novelist, and short-story writer, who combined psychology and Naturalism in a new kind of European drama that evolved into Expressionist drama. Read on the ruins of Europe, they will be classics. The theatre lasted only two years. November 2, at 9: Retrieved March rhe, September 15, at Justin Cash February 16, at 9: Artaud felt that the focus of theatre in the west had become far too narrow—primarily examining the psychological suffering of individuals or the societal struggles of specific groups of people.


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Artakd the advance of countless innovations in stage technology, you would think it would be now more than ever possible to produce a theatre which stuns and intruigues us… just as Artaud imagined. Thank you so much! Justin Cash November 2, at 9: In his lifetime, Artaud only produced one play that put the theories of the Theatre of Cruelty into practice.

Honour January 8, at 2: Artaud other others theatrre what could be achieved in theatre, but hardly anyone these days wants to take up that challenge. If you prefer to suggest your own revision of the article, you can go to edit mode requires login. Thank-you so much for this well-written, informative post!

Sadly, the French mastermind known as Antonin Artaud was not always a lucid one. The performance conventions of Balinese dance were different than any Artaud had previously experienced, and he was struck by the intense physicality of the dancers. April 23, at 7: The Wadsworth Anthology of Drama. I certainly enjoy teaching Artaud in the senior high drama classroom and my students always find his concepts for the theatre engaging, yet challenging.


Just used this for an essay for my interdisciplinary work for my degree, was very helpful thank you! But this does not mean we should dismiss Artaud or his influence on 20th century theatre. Mari June 23, at 9: February 25, at 9: Ariel Styk July 27, at Could you please recommend me a workshop idea to present to my class?

You may find it helpful to search within the site to see how similar or related subjects are covered. February 4, at 8: Hi, this is brilliant and has helped me so much.

Theatre of Cruelty

Stanley Jenkins November 23, at 6: Alex February 4, at 1: Thank you for your feedback. If you are stuck to that, crelty you will never understand. Theatre of Cruelty experimental theatre.

September 23, at 5: Justin Cash April 25, at Anfonin April 24, at 9: November 18, at 6: Artaud wanted to abolish the stage and auditorium, and to do away with sets and props and masks.

Internet URLs are the best. He tore literature away from the police, theater away from medicine. His theater goes against the precepts of Westernized theater.