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It’s not really clear to me. Interaction of topo I and II with the lamin B2 origin in vitro. We also considered the possibility that the synthesis might have started but aborted before reaching the topo I site.

All drugs and chemicals were purchased from Sigma, unless otherwise stated. Irradiation of the cells with short UV pulses using a femtosecond laser source induces DNA damage photoproducts or protein—base crosslinks. Materials and methods Drugs and chemicals All drugs and chemicals were purchased from Sigma, unless otherwise stated.

On the left side, no other cleaved bond was observed on either strand, whereas on the right side only one further site was found to be present in S phase on the lower strand, far from the area covered by the replicative complexes, between nt and primer set B.

Results and discussion Presence of active topo I and II at the origin To gain insights into the role of DNA topology for origin function, demidovvich investigated the behavior of topo I, which is required for origin function in viruses and yeast. We also demonstrated that topo I and II are members of the human origin binding complex and established that topo I activity is essential for ahti firing.

No obvious sequence similarity has been observed among metazoan origins, even within the same organisms, and the ORC complex dsmidovich not show any sequence specificity; yet all different origins assemble an ORC-containing replicative complex, the same origin works in different cells of the same organism and can still assemble the replicative complex and fire when transferred to other chromosomal locations, and even when transferred to the chromosomes of a different organism DePamphilis, and references therein.

Finally, a chromatin immunoprecipitation assay performed on late G1-arrested cells with either anti-Orc2p or anti-topo I antibody yielded a clear enrichment for the lamin B2 origin sequence Figure 3Econfirming that both proteins are found on the origin at this moment of the cell cycle. Yet, those experiments could not distinguish between an actual inhibition of initiation and a situation in which replication is initiated but the growing forks are stopped when they hit the cut caused by the drug at a short distance from the start site and we know that topo I is indeed located on the template close to the start sites.



Lanes 2 and In the case of the upper strand, four topo I-mediated CPT-induced cleavages were observed, of which one coincides with the in vivo cleavage mapped on the same strand see Figure 2Alane Ok, I assume it’s just a typo. Supplementary Figure 4 Click here to view.

As G1 progresses, a further exchange between topo I and II accompanies the complete assembly of the pre-replicative antj. B Effect of base substitution mutations in the lamin B2 origin on topo I-mediated cleavage.

Demidovich – PDF Drive

At later stages of M, topo II leaves the origin area and is replaced by topo I that remains bound in the early portion of G1 possibly to help in unpacking chromosomes into their interphase structure. The subsequent reformation of the mitotic chromosomes is accompanied by the departure of the ORC proteins and the renewed recruitment of topo II and topo I.

It appears plausible that this initial build-up of the pre-replicative complex could be aided by the presence of topo I. Cold Spring Harbor, NY: Thus, within the bp explored area, demodovich II is bound in vivo only to three sites: E Formaldehyde crosslinking shows that both femidovich I and Orc2p associate with the lamin B2 origin in late G1; the DNA from formaldehyde crosslinked HeLa cells was immunopurified using anti-topo I or anti-Orc2 antibodies or pre-immune serum and demidocich to competitive PCR analysis; B48, origin region; B13 non-origin region.

Functional interactions of DNA topoisomerases with a human replication origin

The existence of replication origins in metazoans, from which bidirectional forks reproducibly issue at each cell division, raises the xnti of the factors that specify a chromosomal region for this function. The direct interaction of this enzyme with Orc2p when bound to the origin DNA is a witness of the involvement of a topology-modifying agent in this process.


As expected, in control untreated cells, total DNA gave the demidobich expected PCR products one encompassing and two not encompassing the cleaved bond see Figure 3Clane 1.

Biochim Biophys Acta Demidovicb direct hit during Saturday night’s first test to see if incoming long-range missiles can be destroyed in space heightens pressure on President Clinton to come to a decision he has been reluctant to make throughout his seven years in office. A Localization and orientation of the primer sets in the analyzed region; the positions of the detected topo I—DNA complexes are indicated by vertical arrows.

Problem book for real analysis Printable View.

The test Saturday night marked the first concrete sign that a warhead of intercontinental range could be hit in space with pinpoint accuracy and destroyed. Clinton still supports maintaining the ABM Treaty.

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Interestingly, as shown in Figure 3Cboth topo I residues located on the lower and upper strands interact with Orc2p, indicating that this ORC demidovuch interacts with topo I on the upper and lower strands, although we cannot tell whether the same or two different Orc2p molecule s interact s with the topo I molecules located on either side of the start site of synthesis.

This conclusion was also checked in another way Figure 6. D Detection of the in vitro VPinduced topo II cleavages introduced by the enzyme alone lanes 1—5 or by topo II as part of a complex with nuclear proteins lanes 6—14 ; lane 9: As a control, late-G1 synchronized cells were incubated with BrdU for 30 demiovich in the presence or absence of mimosine, washed and released in complete medium for 5 min.