Jul 12, ”Man,” as Anthony Storr observes in his new book, ”Solitude,” ”was not born for love alone,” and solitude sometimes has a great deal to be said. Solitude by Anthony Storr – Originally published in , Anthony Storr’s bestselling meditation on the creative individual’s need for solitude has become a . A review of Anthony Storr’s Solitude: a Return to the Self.

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This was originally published in – so many watershed events happened in the 80s, and most people in developed countries were on the precipice of previously unknown opportunity for connection, distraction and surveillance of each other’s activities.

This usually ends up in mental prisons, dragging each other down to the depths of neurosis before the development of the internal ever had a chance to begin. Separation Isolation and the Growth of Imagination. Aug 01, Sarah M. Anthony Storr, who athony died of a heart attack aged 80, was Britain’s most literate psychiatrist.

Someone who doesn’t have much patience or read much academic stuff might get bored.

Solitude: A Return to the Self – Anthony Storr – Google Books

Storr’s approach is holistic and theoretical, not heavily research driven, using myriad examples of creative people and artists for exploring how the mind works. The focus was on creative genius throughout history and the tone was very philosophical.

Originally published inAnthony Storr’s enlightening meditation on the creative individual’s need for solitude has become a classic. Solitude was seminal in challenging the established belief that “interpersonal relationships of an intimate kind are the chief, if not the only, source of human happiness. Second – this book does a really great job of talk First, this book is magnificently structured.

On the one hand, it features lots of lovely tidbits about how people have dealt with solitude, most of them miserable depressives.


Anthony Storr

Imagination of “divine discontent” and the role of adaptability and solitdue. He pushes solitudw quite a bit here on psychological systems that only emphasize the significance of relationships in psychological health, pointing out that what we do with the mind when we are alone plays a crucial role as well.

The quality of writing and clarity of concepts laid out from the preface to the last page is well organized and clear without being overly pedantic or repetitive. I had disappointed my parents and teachers by not doing nearly as well as I should have.

There, and later at Winchester College, he was bitterly unhappy. It’s not a state that be reached and parked on.

Account Options Sign in. Free eBook offer available to NEW subscribers only. You can get it from being aware of your body and taking care of it.

Solitude | Book by Anthony Storr | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

The substance, even as the techniques shift, is still concordant–it doesn’t bounce around randomly. The more we broadcast ourselves on a constant basis, the more we chip away at even the concept of solitude.

When solitide think you have it together, it will appear again and again depending on how much you have to resurrect, depending on how much you have lived, how much you have conquered, how much you have loved. Modern psychology idealizes human relationships to the point of misleading people. Thus he says, “The capacity to form attachments on equal terms is considere In the flood of books in all fields about social behaviour, a book extolling the virtues of solitude stands out.

Complete waste of time.

If you enjoy reading ” Finding Flow ” and other books by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi — you’ll enjoy this book. He solktude as a member of the Parole Board and the Williams Committee on Obscenity and Film Censorshipand his need to penetrate the mysteries of deviant or violent behaviour was apparent in his books on Sex ual DeviationHuman Aggression and Human Destructiveness This will led us through pain, healing and peace. Sep 05, Sean Helvey rated it liked it. It also repeats lots of the author’s opinion about Freud,which he expresses in his book about Freud.


It is more personal and not public.

Solitude: A Return to the Self

Growth in solitide only evidence of life. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Published October 3rd by Free Press first published July 18th Whether there may be other criteria of emotional maturity, like the capacity to be alone, is seldom taken into account. Sttorr are so many ways to get it and there is no need to be desperate about it. While Storr could have given many anecdotes of happy, well-adjusted creative people who enjoy their own company, he chose to highlight the worst-case scenarios.

Humans always crave some kind of solitude — and even in the face of social convention and obligation, we come up with ways to get time to ourselves — Florence Nightingale feigned a health complaint so she could get time alone to study and write. One small warning to the Christian reader–Jung’s approach to free-association, which is discussed very briefly at the end of the book, is something to be wary of.

Dec 31, Brendan rated it really liked it. Although there have been some popular books lately that seek to rehabilitate the image of introverts, the mere fact that such volumes merit particular notice reflects our cultural preference for gregariousness.

Working solitkde the self is not placed at any importance and so while immature emotionally, mentally and spiritually we put all our energy towards being loved and loving another being.