With Anthony Bourdain, the restaurant business can seem like. “The Nasty Bits, ” mainly a catchall of Bourdain’s magazine and newspaper. 8 quotes from The Nasty Bits: Collected Varietal Cuts, Usable Trim, Scraps, and Bones: ‘Travel changes you. As you move through this life and this world. Bestselling chef and No Reservations host Anthony Bourdain has never been one to pull punches. In The Nasty Bits, he serves up a well-seasoned hellbroth of .

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There is, I believe, a statue out there in the harbor, with something written on it about “Give me your hungry First rule in book reading – Read the Preface! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Overall, it had that same cuss filled opinionated writing about food and food culture that I was expecting from Bourdain Salty, Sweet, Bitter, Sour Found the commentaries at the back of the book funny since they offer a more balanced view as he ref Collection of articles written through the years: On his show, unless he’s in the midst of pork lust, I don’t see all that much sweetness.

I could give a damn about Manhattan, but his passion for the city is indeed sweet, without being saccharine. Nov 13, Laura rated it liked it. Title The Nasty Bits: Did these reviewers just forget to read the preface.

LOL, well hopefully not but crazy things happen in some restaurants I am sure. My depiction of the day’s rather extraordinary events is workmanlike enough, I guess…but, typically, I fall short.

There was more than a bit of the romantic poet in him, maybe more Byron than Shelley. Hidden, as they were, in the back pages, was a serious flaw in the book design. Sometimes we just winced. Jun 24, Jae rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I have no doubt that he had planned it, thought about it, considered it many times over his lifetime, so like a good sous chef, I would bet he had done his prep work.


He instructed us on how to interact with the wait staff at restaurants and believe me some people need some help with this.

The Nasty Bits Quotes by Anthony Bourdain

Hasty few paragraphs about other books by cooks. You’d have to have gone out with Charlie, as I had, out onto that freezing bay, a body of water nearly the size of an ocean, watched him walk across a thin, tilting layer of ice to drag the seal back to the canoe.

He could be a harsh critic, especially on himself. It made me think of my first trip to France, when two of the girls I was travelling with were only interested in eating stuff they could eat back home. A series of “essays” by Bourdain, many recycled from various magazines where he’d published them. Or to put out a book at all? He has gone from being a chef battling crack addiction to an international star who travels the world, making TV shows and eating the very best and the very weirdest food on offer.

Bourdain is at his best when he’s writing about food, travel, or any combination of the two. Yes, Kitchen Ibts had a storyline, but, it was mostly made up of bits like this. At least as much as me. He athony food well, in the trenches and dining in exotc locales to fine dining.

How did they used to cook? Bringing together the best of his previously uncollected nonfiction–and including new, never-before-published material– The Nasty Bits is a rude, funny, brutal and passionate stew for fans and the uninitiated alike.

He was dismissive of other celebrity chefs.

The Nasty Bits – Wikipedia

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Much of it was slightly redundant since I watch his show Anthony Bourdain: His writings on chef personalities and famous chefs were interesting and funny, and much more appetizing than the accounts I hear from self-professed foodie friends who usually bore me to tears. About Tara Food Blogger on cooking, baking and seaonal ideas.


But, if you know of someone please instant message me asap. Whether scrounging for eel in the backstreets of Hanoi, revealing what you didn’t want to know about the more unglamorous aspects of making television, calling for the head of raw food activist Woody Harrelson, or confessing to lobster-killing guilt, Bourdain is as entertaining as ever.

Borrow it from me for example if you must. Often, though, they hurt.

The Nasty Bits by Anthony Bourdain

There are stories in here that weren’t all that great, not his fault at all, but perhaps because of my lack of interest, and his fiction the “dessert” at the end of the book does NOTHING for me. He took joy in being wrong about a place or a person, bitw when he found out a place he had dismissed had hidden gems or a person he had dissed had hidden depths.

Just what it says on the cover, a collection of previously nasth pieces of food, chefs, travel, and cultural commentary plus one fiction piece. At least, I think that’s from the story. The logic behind that classification is to represent the tone of the essays in each section, and the idea that they should leave the reader with nastt i I should point out, for those who haven’t read my previous reviews of Bourdain’s work, that I am not an objective reader when it comes to him.

He was acerbic, mean spirited, world weary, kind, thoughtful, and honest about his true beliefs. I can see people hating Bourdain. They also made me like him more for his willingness to learn. I think though if I had read the last article first, I wouldn’t have been quite as interested in reading his travel accounts.