Anne Querrien studies Urban Sociology and Urban History. Uncorrected, unedited manuscript of Anne Querrien’s talk on the Park Fiction presents: Umsonst & Draussen Symposium, on October 14, Anne Querrien is on Facebook. Join Facebook to connect with Anne Querrien and others you may know. Facebook gives people the power to share and makes .

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They refused to be obliged to fill up those hospitals with fools that they helped to go back to normal life, and they refused to keep on excluding mentally ill people. The socialists, and subsequently the anthropologist Pierre Clastres, saw the text as dramatizing the need to fight querrirn the formation of the modern State, an inevitable outcome nevertheless given the divisions inherent in society.

Anne Querrien | Arts Catalyst

Managing openess to others and space of retreat at the same time for the core animators is the basis of the creation of public space: And the French person views English or any other language in the same light. Self-defence in turn acts as a mirror and, by fending off prejudice, actually legitimizes it. This is urban field even it does not look like because huge hospitals need huge land and make suburbs in which they are built quasi dead lands, with no value and security problems Any exclusion scheme has the same results So there is also a conjonction of forces to say no- second exemple, the massive one: New interpretations appeared after Julywhich shifted the emphasis from an analysis of the desire for servitude towards a description of universal methods of domination: We will put all content on this page in the future.

It is in fact the position of the editor who has selected the translator to do the work. Collecting desires of habitants in a new little renewal interstice meets the difficulty of producing art with just collection, and the risk of overwhelming by representation fonctions. Language is less of an interface between a community and the natural world; it has become an expressive material which people can wnne to compose their own score, draw up their own existential itinerary, draw their own line and play their own card.

AAA a couple of architects living in Paris and coming from Romamia and searching non authoritative ways od producing archiecture and means of living.


They publicly said no and this program asked for by trade unions was stopped and new kind of care centers organised.

Again the art line of flight was not there and the repetitive forces took over the place. What I now propose to do is to analyse some acts of anne from this minor, underground perspective, marginalized on three counts within the world language, yet erecting bridges and digging tunnels between the lower case and the capital. Each of the four translations is different, opening up as many very different horizons for the reader.

Anne Querrien: Translating, Moving, Caring, Creating |

It is necessary to trace little by little an operational line of flight with qeurrien utopian dimension and a light institutional, processual managing apparatus, to organise along the situation, transform progressively the relations between holders of desires, the no-habitants and alter-professionals. For art production of public spaces desires lie in querriien people and not in individuals; desires push individuals toward and backward each other; power structures hide those moves behind proeminent individuals and force those to became the private owners of people desires making public space disappear; artists give visibility to thoses moves, in the widest diversity possible.

So, from my perspective, disqualified in two respects and undermining an already minor position, I propose to take up again some of the points I raised in the workshop.

Already standardized by Malherbe in the 17 th century, French was a direct descendent from Latin and Greek, free from any dialectal or Anglo-Saxon contamination, free too from all potential for change, monitored and guaranteed as it was by the French Academywhich was founded wnne The minor, undermining art of translation sometimes operates within the same language.

In what may even be considered an unconscious reflex, the new wuerrien are consigned to the lowest level by every available means, especially when they come from the former colonies.

Now they appear with the image put on them as specialist of urban insterstices before renewal. The professional entered the socialist policy for towns giving their model as the very one to build for the people, which appeared several years after as not true, and not efficient. I am descended from an ethnic minority with Mongol origins, known as the bigoudenwho somehow or querrisn arrived in this area with the Huns, maybe?

Querren through translation The English word translation carries the dual meaning of linguistic transfer and movement from one place to another.

Our old Webpage http: Power needs projects, there is no power without projects2. It is difficult to teach French to a child, to a non-native, to all those who are distanced from the power of words. The manner in which language is used in these official contexts reigns supreme, while the silent interaction of the streets allows greater scope for freedom, including unfortunately the freedom to act aggressively. The words, the interpretation, came from across the divide, from those looking on, whose solution was to allow a few individuals to cross that divide, to come and join those who had properly integrated, to become part of the republican elite by leaving their housing projects, just like the people who, a century earlier, had left their local regions.


Translation and publication are stages in a test which of necessity involves some degree of transfer, of betrayal: Encouragement was given by the story of stopping the hospital program related before.

Caring through translation Establishing a relationship between different cultural contexts also shapes the foreign community, migrant workers in the main.

The text is quite literally different, losing as always in translation; it is an equivalent, it moves and is ready to begin again. In an era where the work of art is technically reproducible [15]translation transfers inherited materials into another context and makes them available for assembly within the framework of a relational aesthetic. For liberalism desires are affordable only through money and by individual grasp.

In the animal world, it is the burrowing mole wnne dear to Karl Marx; or the rat with which our underground existence is so closely associated, and which in times past allowed the plague described by Albert Camus to decimate us. From their assembly in Paris, deputies knew that, in the provinces, the great majority of citizens spoke little or no French.

Production of Desires in the Urban Field – A Talk by Anne Querrien

In AAA quuerrien recent things are not closed and research is made in several directions. Producing desire needs a line of flight aggregating desires and preventing architects or urban professionals from becoming mediators between power and habitants, a working element of the power machine.

Some of those who will ultimately fail in this career towards integration may well become translators