Supplement. Angol nyelvtani összehasonlító táblázat, jelen idők. 1. Általános jelen igeidő (Present Simple). A cselekvés (1) szokásosan ismétlődik, (2) időrend . Angol szótanító szótárak szavak és kifejezések gyakorlására. Start studying angol igeidők 2.,3. alakja. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.

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Mary and Steve will divorce. When he gets up, Mary will have been working. She is going to arrive at He was tired, because he had been working since dawn. Nem fog akkor tanulni.

She is going to marry a French businessman. Be fogod fejezni addigra? Are you going to invite him too? Have you left your wallet at home? Before we xngol finished our lunch he ordered us back to work. Will you be staying there all Christmas? Usually I stay up late.


The new school is to open this week. They have been sleeping for a day.

Angol igeidők – 2 – Online Angol

We have never played badminton. We have a very old car. They were learning when I arrived. When I arrived home they had been playing. While she is cooking, we will be playing. John nem fut minden nap.

By the time she woke up, the boy had been walking jgeidok dog. At midnight they had been drinking the fourth bottle of wine. We had been hoeing by then. I was working all summer. The Queen is to visit Australia next month. Have you ever drunk tea with milk? I had started doing karate before I went to university. The letter will be on the table. I live in a small town.

Bob will be waiting outside nagol you are talking. The first volume of the lexicon comes out this month. Szereti a kutya a tejet?

She has just left for school. A policeman has been shot. The machine will be working all week. While I was gardening, he broke a vase. Will you have been ready by then? Where were you going when I saw you?

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Hello, Bába Kitti vagyok!

Bruce nem fog felkelni ig. A dog has bitten me. When we return, they will have been sleeping.