Please see the Javadoc of the method setType(String type) in the class Intent: This method automatically clears any data that was previously set (for example. Uri uri = le(entry); Intent intent = new Intent( ACTION_VIEW); String mime = “*/*”; MimeTypeMap mimeTypeMap = MimeTypeMap. aAndType Method. (Usually optional) Set the data for the intent along with an explicit MIME data type.

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This will not work on Android 2.

More details on this can be found in the documentation on the IntentFilter class. For one-shot alarms intent.setdatwandtype will always be 1. Run formStream ; formStream.

For more information, see UiModeManager. If your app targets Android N 7.

If it is a url starts with http or https, the site will be opened. The specified set of packages can no longer be launched and are practically unavailable on the system.

Name of the component implementing an activity that can display the intent. Intent String action Create an intent with a given action. When attempting to resolve instant apps externally, the following Intent properties are supported: Can this method be used to avoid creating intent.setdataanetype new layout just to view image? The key is always of type String. Run pageObjectsInput ; pageObjectsInput. I got solution from mix of various SO answers.


Run file1Input, file2Input ; file1Input. Create a new item in the given container, initializing it from the current contents of the clipboard.

It is perfectly acceptable for androoid receivers to process the outgoing call in turn: Show a Toast with the extra data to validate that you correctly received it.

Here, however, the caller specifies the type of data they desire instead of the type of data the user will be picking from. Apps can fully manage documents within the returned directory. When used alone it is the equivalent of the Activity manifest specifying R. See setFlags int for a list of all possible flags. It is sent to the user that is going to the background. Annotations should be learned in advance, e.

Create an intent with a given action and for a given wndroid url. File myDir, fileName ; if file. The package need not be currently installed on the device.

Intent | Android Developers

A new application package has been installed on the device. Get the value of the passed extra with the extras. Close ; break; case “text”: See the Tasks and Back Stack documentation for important information on how some of these options impact the behavior of your application. Perform a call to someone specified by the data.

C# (CSharp) Method Android.Content Intent.SetDataAndType Code Examples

An Intent object matching the XML data. Indicates low storage space condition on the device no longer exists This is a protected intent that can only be sent by the system. If an intent is sent to the Android system, the Android platform runs a receiver determination. The given XML parser should be located at the tag where parsing should start often named “intent”from which the basic action, data, type, and package and class name will be retrieved.


An app package name. Intent.setdataandhype date has changed. You must hold the Manifest. The skillpoints displayed in the Toast should increase with each training. Upon receipt of this broadcast, the user is unlocked and both device-protected andorid credential-protected storage can accessed safely. Broadcast to a specific application to query any supported restrictions to impose on restricted users.

It is possible for the data set to change without the count changing for example, if a new unread message arrives in the same sync operation in which a message is archived. Call parseUri String, int with 0 flags. The media scanner has started scanning a directory.