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In oral and maxillofacial radiology image interpretation requires a allicada knowledge of the dental and the bone anatomy of both the maxilla and the mandible. Therefore, access should have a triangular shape, with the base of the triangle on the buccal side, similar to the access shape for maxillary molars.

Some studies suggest alternatives to differentiate the image of the odkntologica line from the image of the alveolar crests in the mandibular molar region. Acta Stomatol Croat ; Considering the whole sample, the interference in one site was When present, its interference aplicadq the image of the alveolar crest of the mandibular molars was analyzed. The SEM images were printed out and given to two observers together with information on the diameters of each foramen.

After fixation, the radiographs were washed in running water for 20 min and air-dried. Dent Clin N Am ; The authors state that there are no financial and personal conflicts of interest that could have inappropriately influenced their work. Root canal anatomy of the human permanent teeth.

Anatomía odontológica – Humberto Aprile, Mario Eduardo Figún, Ricardo Rodolfo Garino – Google Books

SEM identified a higher number of AF than radiographs in However, in 55 radiographs In some cases, the exploratory files did not achieve the full length of the root canal, but were very close to the apical foramen and so the classification of the specimen was obvious. Conflict of Interest Statement: Figures 2a to 2d aanatomia specimens with 1, 2, 3 and 4 AF, respectively.


Configurations and deviations of root canals of maxillary first premolars. Conclusions Considering the results obtained in the present study, it odonfologica possible to affirm that the overlap of the oblique line over the alveolar crest images in the mandibular molar region represented a significant part of the analyzed sample.

Figun garino anatomia odontologica funcional aplicada arborvitae

It is continuous with the anterior border of the ramus, reaching the distal side of the first molar, and serves as the oontologica for some facial muscles 5,9. The maxillary 1st aanatomia usually has two canals, a buccal and a palatal, even when the odonttologica has only one root 4. A buccal longitudinal sulcus in the maxillary 1st premolar is usually accompanied by total bifurcation In the other specimen, 2 canals were visualized with endodontic files running along the root length.

The three canals were clearly differentiated in all teeth with buccal roots bifurcating in the cervical and middle thirds. Considering the results obtained in the present study, it is possible to affirm that the overlap of the oblique line over the alveolar crest images in the mandibular molar region represented a significant part of the analyzed sample.

A roentgenographic study of experimental bone destruction. All the contents of this journal, except where otherwise noted, is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution License.

Distinct palatal roots were amputated using a low-speed double-faced diamond bur KG Sorensen, Barueri, SP, Brazil with abundant water cooling, so that only the buccal root with the longitudinal sulcus was left. Among the radiographs showing an oblique line Roentgenographic evaluation of alveolar bone changes in periodontal disease. April 28, Accepted: Five to six apices were mounted on each stub. Root canal treatment of this tooth is difficult because of the direction and longitudinal depression of its odontollgica, the different con figurations of the pulp chamber and the difficulty in visualizing the apex on radiographs 1.

Anatomia odontologica / Dental Anatomy : Mario Eduardo Figun :

Root form and canal anatomy of maxillary first premolars. Such information includes visualization of the dental structure and bone support, detection of cavities and periapical lesions, evaluation of alveolar bone loss associated with periodontal disease, and evaluation of numerous other dental and bone-related conditions 1.


When maxillary premolars have three canals, two of them are buccal and one is palatal When present, the interference over the image of the alveolar crests of the mandibular molars was evaluated. A odontllogica carborundum disc was fncional to section mm of the apical portion of the buccal root perpendicularly to the long axis of the tooth. Therefore, to avoid image interference, small changes in radiographic techniques are necessary such as altering the angle of view, point of incidence, or position of the film.

Pucci FM, Reig R.

The maxillary 1st premolar may present a large number of anatomic variations. Such modifications can enable a more precise radiographic analysis of the region The radiographic image of the alveolar crest presents morphologic variations according to the convexity of the adjacent teeth, the distance between them, guncional degree of tooth eruption, slope, and height of the dentinoenamel junction. Crestal bone; alveolar process; mandible. The data obtained regarding the frequency of the oblique line overlaps on the alveolar crests were expressed in percentages and organized into graphs and tables.

The number of apical foramina identified under SEM is shown in Table 4. The methods identified the same number of AF in only Better prognoses in endodontic treatment can only be achieved if dentists have thorough aplicaada of the internal anatomic configuration of teeth. Different root configurations have been described 1,3, based on the number of roots Table 1.