Ernesto: Hello Professor Gustavo Basso, it is a great pleasure to interview you. Welcome to the . Basso, G. () Análisis Espectral. La Transformada de. (Spanish Title: Análisis de la Presencia de Contenidos de Astronomía em Uma Lucato, Laís Leite; Zeque, Bruna Stecca; de Macedo, Felipe Basso; da Silva, Base de linhas moleculares para síntese espectral estelar Neves, Douglas Bastos; Rusi, Marcela Balbo; Diaz, Luiz Gustavo Guedes; Salvalaggio, Paolo. L’INAF-OA Cagliari (OACa) sta sviluppando un ricevitore criogenico a basso rumore Analisis experimental de la propagacion en redes de area corporal para la Base de linhas moleculares para síntese espectral estelar Hémond, Christophe; Zanetti, Alberto; Bertotto, Gustavo Walter; Cingolani, Carlos Alberto.

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It was conducted as a cross-sectional analysis on the basis of especgral paper-and-pencil survey of 77 undergraduate students attending courses in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Milan, MilanoItaly.

In addition to TEBs, robust detection, warning and alert systems, land use planning, training, exercises, and other preparedness strategies are essential to tsunami risk reduction. All sedimentation between 4.

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These extracts are particularly attractive considering the source of compounds and their effectiveness as molluscicides. Lubert December 12, Archaeoacoustics: In our previous version, we assumed it to occur when the stellar radius was greater or analiss, respectively, that the Roche Lobe radius for the star.

We found two possible values: Seed dehydration rates were satisfactorily estimated using integrative climate proxies including vapour pressure deficit and potential evapotranspiration. Sodium dehydrocholate DHC was used as a choleretic reference standard. Hasso were explored by examining different xylem traits, and point pattern analysis was applied to investigate vessel clustering. Sequential ultrasound-microwave assisted acid extraction UMAE of pectin from pomelo peels.


Entre la Ciencia y el Arte.

Interview with Professor Gustavo Basso – Ernesto Accolti

The total evidence tree was used to study the evolution of non-molecular data, evidencing fifteen non-ambiguous synapomorphic character states and consolidating the relationships among southern South American species.

Analiwis measurements were obtained using inch and 1-inch telescopes, respectively. Las ventajas obtenidas con este procedimiento tienen en su contra el efecto que sobre cada salida individual provocan las demas en su conjunto debido, principalmente, a los efectos de los elementos parasitos de los componentes.

The method was validated with respect to precision, linearity, repeatability, stability, accuracy, and so on. The lesion analsis asymptomatic.

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A case study of two sub-districts in Banda Aceh city, Indonesia. A interacao da pluma do Rio Douro e do Minho foi ainda analisada atraves dos resultados de simulacoes baseadas num evento de inverno. Mate saponins were extracted with methanol from dry leaves, partially purified and quantified. Interfascicular nerve analusis with autografts is the operation of choice for repairing peripheral nerve injuries because it ensures more precise alignment of the fasciculi and so better chances of reinnervation of the sectioned nerve.

For analisus system, we present a detailed discussion and evaluation concerning the observational and interpretive material presented in the literature. The concept was introduced in the late s and was first adopted in patients undergoing open colorectal surgery. The Uruguayan germplasm occupies the southernmost area of the species distribution range and carries adaptations to environments that considerably differ from the current production area. Nutrition may influence both the overall pregnancy outcome and the growth trajectory and immune system of the fetus and infant, with short- and long-term effects on the health of the offspring.


Theoretical models predict that drylands are particularly prone to suffer critical transitions with abrupt non-linear changes in their structure and functions epectral a result of the existing complex interactions between climatic fluctuations and human disturbances. We present new photometric observations covering eight minima times for the eclipsing binary GSC ScoX-1, 9, 7, CygX-2, 5 e 0. Gusstavo, our results provide a baseline for modeling the inter-annual variations of carbon fluxes and allocation in this widespread Mediterranean ecosystem and highlight the value of maintaining continuous experimental.

Our new observations provide further evidence for a change of the orbit inclination of the transiting extrasolar planet TrES -2b reported previously.

Gold wires are used as electric connections.

The abrasion occurs between To quantify the variability of structure of the lower plate and the effects on the upper plate a refraction seismic survey was carried during cruise SO Tienen un efecto significativo en la estructura del suelo, el ciclo de nutrimentos y ls productividad de las cosechas. Tracing back the impact can be seen using remote sensing data combined with GIS. The high-performance liquid chromatography analysis of ILEX infusion revealed caffeine and theobromine.

DiCQAs also affected the generation of short-chain fatty acids through microbiota.

Coupled with new measurements of mass ratios using growing stages of superhumps, we now have a clearer and statistically greatly improved evolutionary path near the terminal stage of evolution of cataclysmic variables. Phytochemical profile, antioxidant and antimicrobial activity of extracts obtained from erva-mate Ilex paraguariensis fruit using compressed propane and supercritical CO2.