America BC has ratings and 30 reviews. Erik said: This, to me, was a rather incredible book given its author’s claims that North America was regularl. Bronze Age America has 23 ratings and 3 reviews. Mines of Kitchi-Gummi by Roger L. Jewell Bronze Age America by Barry Fell America BC by Barry Fell. We know that the Vikings got to America before Columbus even if the Barry Fell declares that about 3, years ago bands of roving Celtic.

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Every page is laced with the thrill of discovery and amazing evidence of ancient civilizations coming to these shores, from Celtic Ogam to Iberian Punic, to Egyptian and Basque influence as well. Books by Barry Fell.

Barry Fell

Ancient Settlers in the New World. Walt Moseley rated it it was amazing Jan 21, The answer is yes.

By Trenton Daniel Associated Baryr. By Owen Jarus LiveScience. Like Morpheus, Barry Fell holds open the door to understanding reality Tin supposedly not being available in useable f This, to me, was a rather incredible book given its author’s claims that North America was regularly visited by Europeans during the Bronze and Iron Ages.

To ask other readers questions about Bronze Age Americaplease sign up. Their limited resources could be augmented significantly by sales of this book.

This is a story of how Ogham was deciphered. Author Barry Fell.


Bronze Age America

Inscriptions such as the Kensington Stone, Spirit Pond Stones, and Iowa Tablets have long been exposed as hoaxes, but Fell cites them as if they had never been challenged. Fell was born in LewesSussexFrlland was a grandson of the railway engineer and inventor John Barraclough Fell. It confirms a lifetime of impressions and beliefs I’ve had.

Fell is a prophet in an archaeological cult. If a fleet or sequence of trading felp were plying waters regularly, then there should have been some evidence of at least one of these being recovered in an archeological dig, whether on land or as part of a marine salvage.

That ancient Christians settled America is “unimpeachable,” he says, devoting a chapter to America’s Christianization long before Columbus.

America B.C.: Ancient Settlers in the New World | BYU Studies

Here I think the author gets carried away, giving readings with a tone of certainty which the evidence doesn’t sufficiently substantiate. Really fun read, especially living in NH and so close to all the sites he and others investigate in this book. The spoken language of the Zuni tribe of New Mexico appears to be a direct descendant of Libyan. Christopher Grech marked it as to-read Apr 09, This is almost like reading 2 separate books co-mingled into one volume.

Harvard professor Barry Fell’s work puts some “meat on the bones” of the “Old World” presence in North America during the Bronze Age by deciphering ancient American rock inscriptions that allow us to hear the words from the ancient voyagers themselves. The Book of Mormon is nowhere mentioned in this volume, but if, as I expect, a good deal of Fell’s evidence holds up under closer scrutiny, the effect will be felt by Latter-day Saints.

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Dates for the Old World use of the scripts range forward from B. But fortunately for us, it is far more fascinating than dystopian.

This book is invaluable! Ammerica is available from Ives Goddard, curator of linguistics at the Smithsonian in Washiington, and interested readers should request a copy.

Actually his preparation is more solid than he lets on.

Last Norse-Celtic voyage to America Languages Deutsch Polski Edit links. Their lives will be easier, for awhile, if they do so. This groundbreaking work shatters many of the myths of America centuries ago. Today’s DNA research seems to be destroying claims of ancestry.

Bronze Age America by Barry Fell

His work showed that the key to deciphering an unknown script in an unknown language lies in researching all possible avenues of information with a view to discovering a bilingual example such as the Rosetta Stone.

Tina marked it as to-read Nov 08, To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. There may be too much detail for some readers, but I think the big picture will be of general interest.

Michael Schmicker rated it it was amazing Apr 17,