A list of Keynotes for Ambra Grisea (ambr.), taken from RADAR homeopathic software, with links to a query for the remedy analysis in Encyclopedia. AMBRA GRISEA*. By Drs. C. E. WH~EL~,~ and J. D. KENYON. Ambergris, a morbid product (intestinal) of the sperm whale. ” AND makes the hollow waves that. Outcomes and Lessons Learned From a Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Health Care Utilization During the First Year After Spinal Cord Injury.

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Ambra Grisea (ambr.)

Palpitation of the heart, frequently when walking in the open air, with paleness of face, and pressure in the chest as if a lump were lodged there or as if the chest were obstructed. Bloody urine with red sediment in the urine.

Prolonged coldness of the hands. Increased secretion of urine, chiefly at night and in the morning.

Pressure and cramp-like pain in the stomach. Coldness, trembling and stiffness of the extremities. He loathes his life and wants to die. The arms become easily numbed, whether they are leant upon or used to carry something, or even in the night, with sensation of torpor. Often a patient asks me one question after another, never waiting to have the first one answered, a flitting, flighty talker, who does not seem to realize that l have not answered his questions; that patient, l say to myself, needs Ambr.


He is conscious of his arteries everywhere and the palpitation of his heart causes oppression of breathing.

Embarrassed manner in society, bashful. Ebullitions and pulsations in the whole body, especially after walking in the open air. A period of greatest excitability is often followed by depression, a state of indifference to all things, to joy, to grief, to people, etc.

Epistaxis, especially in the morning. The finger nails become brittle and are shrivelled. Itching of the inside of the soles of the feet. Discharge of blood between the periods. Cough worse by music. Burning, pain of excoriation, and itching, in the sexual parts. Pressive pain in the epigastrium and in the abdomen.

Urine tinged with blood. Inflammatory redness of the sclerotica, with injection of the vessels. Susceptibility to numbness in various parts. Dartings in the head. Trembling of the arms. Complaints are often one-sided; perspiration on one side of the body or perspiration on the affected side. Convulsive cough, with eructations and hoarseness. Dryness and accumulation of mucus in the throat which he tries to expel, and when making an effort to cough out the mucus he gags and sometimes vomits.


Diminished sensibility of the parts; feeble gtisea. Pain in the scalp on its being touched, with falling off of the hair. Most probably a morbid product found in the Sperm Whale or floating in the sea. Taken as a whole they can be reconciled, but taken a few at a time they seem wonderfully inconsistent.

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Ambra grisea | National Center for Homeopathy

Voluptuous excitement of, and itching in, the genital parts, without external cause. Dreamy state of mind. The pelvic organs are painfully influenced. Itching in the chest, and in the thyroid gland.

But there is a kind of nervous sickness manifested in these symptoms that Ambr. Painful oppression in the chest and in the back.

Ambra grisea

One-sided complaints call for it. Loss of love of life. Sensation of coldness in abdomen, sometimes on one side only. To download the file, right click on this link. Menses too early and too profuse.