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I consent to having Sylvia Day collect my email address in accordance with her privacy policy. Faith Bennett loved Miguel the moment she saw him.

Pushing him away nearly broke her, but when he took her heart with him, he left something precious behind. Digital Novella November 19, Trade Paperback December 22, He blamed that on Sll Bennett. The girl he had slaked all his raging teenage hormones on every chance he could.

All Revved Up – Bookshelf • Best Selling Books by #1 New York Times Bestselling Author Sylvia Day

He took off his sunglasses and stared at the auto shop in front of him. Fresh tan and forest green paint spoke of steady business, as did the number of cars in the service area.

He headed to the waiting room. Grabbing the metal handle of the glass door, Miguel stepped into the cool air conditioning and smiled absently at those who filled the chairs in the expansive space. Miguel froze, his body tensing. He dreamed of that voice sometimes.

Regved occasions when it had teased him, taunted him, begged him…. First loves were heady; everyone knew that. But his had been soaked with insanely combustible lust. A desire so hot it had seared into his brain. He exhaled harshly and got a grip on himself. It would be different now. He had control of dayy dick and libido.

Faith appeared at the counter, her gaze on her hands as she pulled off the latex gloves she wore while working. She was dressed in a baggy blue jumpsuit and her long, dark hair was clipped up, effectively subduing her sexiest assets. Goddammit… She was still hot as hell. A fucking walking wet dream.

He stood riveted, rocked by desire so ferocious he could barely string two thoughts together. His brain got as far as him leaping over the counter and dragging her to the floor, then it shorted out. Faith visibly shook off her shock and glanced at her customer.


I replaced it and refilled your coolant reservoir. Angela will type up the repair order and check you out. She managed a tight smile before pivoting and walking back out of the half-door leading to the service bays. Galvanized by his remembered pain, humiliation, and simmering fury, Miguel stepped outside to wait.

A moment later, she joined him from the nearest bay, her lips slicked with pinkish gloss. He wondered if she still favored the strawberry-flavored stuff.

All Revved Up (Dangerous, #1) by Sylvia Day

He used to love nibbling it off her mouth. And seeing the pink stain of it ringing his cock. Now, he would be getting a hotel room. He just had to get past comparing new memories to faulty old ones. As hot as she was, she was also cool and controlled. No simple task when he was furiously aroused, his entire body hard with need. She looked him over, her gaze raking him from head to toe with a long, leisurely pause on his raging hard-on. He crossed his arms and widened his stance, his jaw clenching as the button-fly of his jeans dug into his straining cock.

It fucking killed him that she could still affect him this way. She could shred him just fine without any help. Miguel looked for any sign that his responses pleased or displeased her. His dick throbbed in time with the pounding beat of his heart. The Torettos moved a few years ago.

They wanted a quiet little restaurant, so when things got busy around here, they moved on.

Expectation thrummed through him, a heated awareness that made a joke revvsd the casual interaction they were pretending this was. Tension was strung tight between them, vibrating in the air with the energy of an approaching thunderstorm. Even the man he was today was incapable of that depth of emotion and connection. His mouth was damn near watering with the anticipation of tasting her again. He bared his teeth in a smile.

He wanted a rushed dinner followed by unrushed sex that would pale in comparison to his exaggerated recollections. She bet he still had washboard abs and a heavily muscled back.

And the rest of him. One look at him and she swore she could feel him pushing inside her. She remembered that all too revvde. The searing revvde of his entry.

All Revved Up

The sensation of utter surrender. Blowing out a shaky breath, she moved to one of the two chairs facing the desk and sat. He tried to play it off, but he was seething. I could feel it from several feet away. Maybe this is a second chance.

Everything was knotted up inside her, making her light-headed and queasy. Mine is here in California. Air tools whirred loudly, drowning out the sound of multiple radios, each playing a different genre to suit the tastes of the auto tech daj owned it.


It turns him on that I wrench and get dirty. A hot shiver coursed through her. It had always been that way between them, their desire simmering below the surface, ready to boil over at the slightest provocation.

If he wants to ring in the occasion by working out his frustration in the sack, well.

I have a rep to maintain. Pressing her fingers to her lips, she blew him a kiss. The full series reading order is as follows:. Subscribe to Sylvia’s Newsletter. But his memories of Faith remained the same—fierce and heated. Relived occasions when it had teased him, taunted him, begged him… First loves were heady; everyone knew that. It thickened and lengthened with rousing appreciation.

Sullivan set down the issue of Forbes and stood. She paled and reached for the counter. Sullivan asked, approaching her. Except when she was beneath him.

There had been nothing controlled or cool about her then. His gaze narrowed on that telltale movement. Even after all these years, his effect on her was like getting hit by a bus. Russell stepped into the office, his blue eyes dark with concern. She was reaching for the phone when he poked his head back in. You tell Miguel that if he gets out of hand. Industry Reviews Emma Holly: Sylvia Day’s All Revved Up is a really fun read!

Day knows how to hook her readers. All Revved Up is fast-paced and super hot. It is a pulse-pounding read from beginning to end. I have not read a book by Ms. Day that I have not enjoyed. She has made a fan out of me. Sylvia Day writes a sexy tale that will leave you begging for more of this hot couple. Day packs a whole lot of story in a tiny package! All Revved Up is a sizzling read that you will be ready to read again right after the last page.

The plot and dialogue were fantastic from the start with Miguel arriving in town and going straight to visit Faith before his own family, showing his total dedication to winning her back.