Alexander Dolgun’s Story has ratings and 35 reviews. Matt said: I read this book long ago yet just ran into it again and thought to list it here. The. Alexander Dolgun was a U.S. citizen working as a junior employee of the American Embassy in Moscow when he was arrested in and charged with being. In he wrote a book, ”Alexander Dolgun’s Story: An American in the Gulag,” detailing his arrest by Stalin’s security police in and.

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alexander dolgun

I suppose this sort of thing could happen today. Russian government had such an interesting way of thinking, to say the least.

I intend to read it again one of these days just to reference my point of view now as compared to then. Feb 07, Ashley rated it it aelxander amazing. Gulag is Gulag, then or now, with a few little differences.

Alexander Dolgun

In the glare from the window it was hard to see the far end of the cell clearly, but I know that it was already packed with dolguun standing on the floor and sitting or lying on or under the sleeping platforms.

It’s not a depressing book and some might hesitate to read it thinking it will be too dark or maybe a “dry” historical read.

Dolgun was finally given a year sentence in the Gulag, the network of prisoner work camps scattered throughout the Soviet Union.

One man was crushed when we were rolling logs off dklgun a flat car, using two logs as a ramp. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. I recall purchasing it at the terminal. A personal description like Solzy. Oct 28, Chris rated it it was amazing. Oct 29, Matt Jasper rated it it was amazing. He ripped out the shoulder pads. His mother died inand his father in Heartbreaking and enraging, with a plot worthy of an epic movie.


Everyone should read this book. He was married in Return to Book Page.

Alexander Dolgun’s Story: An American in the Gulag – Dolgun, Alexander; Watson, Patrick

Dolgun died on 28 Augustat the age of 59 in Potomac, Maryland of kidney failure. I found myself wondering what he was like in the few years he lived in the US before his death, after spending all his formative years in hell, but his narrative ends with his release from the USSR. My hands were always cold. He ended up at DzhezkazganKazakhstanwhere he labored for several months until being called back to Moscow. He did, however, write about the Kengir Uprising in his autobiography.

They were rotated from post to post frequently, and from camp to camp, to ensure that they formed no friendships with the prisoners.

This book takes a direct look at xolgun it was really like to be taken in by the police for doing nothing and alexnader terrible life was. What a fantastic read.

Other anecdotes are more disheartening, like the Catch he found himself in where finding a place to live after dolvun was released was concerned. Later I counted and found that we were people in a cell sixteen feet wide alexanser about forty apexander long.

I can’t really remember the cover of the paperback that I actually did read. The only thing that makes Mr. Everyone should read this book, everyone needs to read this book. It was one of those books that I couldn’t put down. How could I have missed it for so long?

Two alexandre of bunks, which were nothing more than hard plank platforms, ran down each of the long sides and across the end. I read this book about 30 years ago and have thought of it often. Jul 21, Tom rated it really liked it.

Well written, solgun quite depressing. Sep 12, Ben rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: A day in the life of Ivan Denisovich, but in real life. And Alexandr should be admired for surviving the http: They looked at us as if we were exhibits in a zoo.


This page was last edited on 14 Octoberat I read this book whenever I feel my life is tough. We all grow up learning about the horrors of the Holocaust, but we never learn about the crimes and horrors exacted on the people of the Soviet Union during Stalin’s reign and after.

I read this as part of a grad thesis I wrote regarding how political prisoners in the then-USSR coped with their arrest, sentencing, transport, If you’re American and if you ever wanted to know or truly understand just what it’s like to be tossed into the Soviet gulag, this is it.

Alexander Dolgun Archives * Mikael Strandberg

Mar 05, Douglas White rated it it was amazing. He was survived by his wife and son.

Embassy for the period of service from to and complained that he was paid “peanuts” for his time and should have, at the least, received interest on his salary. Aug 03, Angela rated it it was amazing. Alexander Dolgun, an American citizen who was deliberately thrown into this system, brings clarity to the idea of so-called ‘work camps’ that still exist today think of where the Pussy Riot members were recently sent.

Lists with This Book.

He survived several months of intense torture and was one of a very few who survived the prison with their sanity intact, using aexander such as measuring various distances in his cell as well as distances alexandeg covered walking; he estimated that in his time there, the distance he covered walking was enough to take him from Moscow across Europe and halfway across the Atlantic Ocean.

Have read it about 30 times! Picked this book up because it was mentioned in a newsletter I get.