Documents, presets, manuals Alesis Quadraverb Plus – Audiofanzine. View and Download Alesis Plus user manual online. Alesis QuadraVerb Plus Audio-digital processor: User Guide. Plus Processor pdf manual download. Alesis Quadraverb Plus, Music Technology, Apr those investing in the Quadraverb Plus will find themselves in possession of two manuals amounting to .

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If you’re enjoying the site, qudaraverb consider supporting me to help build this archive The range is 1 to 8. Gear in this article: Tremolo Modulation means that a signal that has first been routed through the EQ section of either of the above configurations will vary in volume at a selected rate.

You can adjust the start and end points of complete samples in ten millisecond steps – but not of the loop in isolation.

This is accomplished in the following manner. Manhal prices include VAT. The quality of your samples, therefore, depends very much on the nature of the sound itself: Press two keys and The cumulative delay time of all 8 taps is milliseconds. You can send us a note about this article, or let us know of a problem – select the type from the menu above.

In this case, the loop duration will be from the start to the actual end of the sample regardless of the loop duration. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Ring Modulator It is most useful for generating metallic, bell-like sounds. In Figure quaddraverb, an additional ms is added to Tap 2 which means manuak it now occurs at ms instead of ms as in 7Aand Tap 3 now occurs at ms instead of 1 second in Figure 7A.

This allows the user to achieve a greater level of creative control than ever before. By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page.

And to make it a tad more interestingsuppose we gave it a sampling capability – just to help out when the Synclavier is full. In this case, the 2nd harmonic is IKHz cycles per secondor twice the fundamental of Hz, and the 4th harmonic is 2KHz, or 4 times the fundamental.


In playback, the sample start and length times can be altered for special effects or to trim the playback of the sample to the actual start point of the sound.

While usual ring modulators only provide a fixed mix of the Up and Down spectrums, the 20 20 algorithm implemented in the QuadraVerb Plus gives independent access to the Up and Down version of the original spectrum. The initial resonating frequency of each resonator can be individually adjusted tuned on a chromatic scale.

And it’s all well written and very explicit. QuadraVerb Plus gives independent access to the Up and Down version of the original spectrum. In Figure IB, the Pitch Shift amount has been set to Hz, which means that the fundamental and all of its related harmonics manhal shifted up by the same Hz amount. Alesis obviously think so.

Documents, presets, manuals Alesis Quadraverb Plus – Audiofanzine

The sample can also be played back in its entirety one shot or continuously repeated looping. Possibly the most popular budget multi-fx processor currently available, alessi Quadraverb has just been upgraded and promoted to the rank of ‘Plus’. This is a very distinctive form of signal processing which needs considerable care in setting up if it isn’t quadraveerb sound clangorous and unusably discordant.

Previous article in this issue: Multi-fx Processor by Nigel Lord. Though maximum sampling time is limited to 1. Don’t confuse its effect with that of an exciter which simply adds a little top-end sparkle. One option is equipment upgrades – Quadraverb owners come on down. A similar, but more straightforward effect is provided by the Resonators which the Quadraevrb Plus now sports.

Neither, I hope, require any explanation from me. As an effect, multi-tap delays have been around for quite some time now, and manua, is perhaps surprising that the Quadraverb was not capable of generating such useful multiple repeats in its original form.


And because resonator frequencies can be adjusted, you can therefore program the Quadraverb to generate up to five-note chords from any type of input signal. The initial resonating frequency of each resonator can be individually adjusted tuned on a chromatic scale.

This contrasts with conventional forms of modulation where sum and difference frequencies are heard in addition to the modulated signals themselves. Please note that the effect will only be heard when both the left and right outputs of the Quadraverb are in use.

The second method requires the user to initiate recording by pressing the bypass switch on the front panel. To playback again, press the 3 The volume of the sample can be increased or decreased by the control of the QuadraVerb Plus.

Other Media Files : Alesis Quadraverb Plus

In the first the easiest to get a good samplethe QuadraVerb Plus waits for the incoming audio to trigger recording. Quadraverg display will read: Not bad for an effects unit. For the best recorded signal, raise the input level control so that the -6dB LED lights. Though by no means the qiadraverb word in their respective areas of operation, all these effects are extremely usable and as in so many other areas of hi-tech equipment, help blur the line drawn between creative and non-creative instruments.

The last two new effects, Auto-Panning and Tremelo Modulation, share a common identity in that they’re both essentially amplitude modulation effects, and to that extent are mutually exclusive – you can’t run both simultaneously.

This page is also identical to the original QuadraVerb configuration. The harmonics are normally even multiples of manal fundamental, or 2 times the fundamental, 3 times the fundamental, 4 times the fundamental, etc.