Alastair Reynolds redefines Hell in this award-winning novel that confirms him as “the most exciting space opera writer working today”(Locus). The once-utopian. Alastair Reynolds redefines Hell in this award-winning novel that confirms him as “the most exciting space opera writer working today”(Locus). Chasm City is a stand alone novel by author Alastair Reynolds, set in the Revelation Space universe. It deals with themes of identity, memory, and.

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May 18, Emily rated it liked it Shelves: The characters, the characters. The Glitter Banda sparkling diorama of ten thousand orbital habitats, has been alastar to a ” Rust Belt ” of a few hundred survivors, mostly primitive and pre-nanotech antiques.

I also dabble with paints now and then. You are commenting using your WordPress. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? The abstract moral theme that Reynolds brings to the fore here resonated strongly with me. Cool ideas here include an in-depth consideration of a generation ship-type mission, a different take on cybernetic implants, musings on the psychological impact of virtual immortality and a richly imagined post-plague dystopia.

Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Alistair Reynolds has me on the hook. It was something that touched both on human achievement and the vastness against which those achievements seemed so frail.

Archived from the original on 2 April Now, with the entire city corrupted—from the people to the very buildings they inhabit—only the most wretched sort of existence remains. Published May 27th by Ace Books first published May A virus that was a chimera of machinery and biology that melded implants and machines to flesh.

Reasons not to listen to this audiobook while assembling cabinets: In “Chasm City”, we get a first-hand view of Yellowstone just after the Plague hit through the eyes of Tanner Mirabel, a mercenary pursuing his last adversary from the frontier world of Sky’s Edge.

I loved Revelation Space, but have gotten mired down pages in with Chasm City. Decent action scenes, with super hightech gorgeous lithe hunters and grimmey genetically modified pigs that will eat you. In spite of the crime fiction influence the sci-fi aspect of the story is thankfully the strongest element.


A former astrophysicist for the European Space Agency, he now writes full-time. Chasm City is definitely the latter. Return to Book Page. Tanner arrives to find that Yellowstonethe most advanced civilization in human history, has descended into squalor; an alien nanotech virus known as the Melding Plague has wreaked havoc throughout the system.

The answer is probably one of the coolest parts of this novel; the stunning action that was committed for that name to stick decades after colonization is at the very crux of why Sky Haussmann is in such desperate need for redemption.

And at the heart of it, Chasm City tells a very simple story.

Chasm City (novel) | Revelation Space Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

It will engage with your mind and leave you very satisfied at the end. There’s a problem loading this menu right now.

This review is coming over somewhat negative and I guess that is indicative to the things that grate you as opposed to the parts that went well. I came to quite enjoy the Sky flashbacks. But when they finally merge, you can see, how good Reynolds is.

El autor entremezcla 3 y 4 hil Una gozada de cityy. This reynnolds is dirty good. This guy has the perfect toolkit for writing science fiction: Chasm City is … Chasm City.

While the akastair of the Revelation Space series deals with big ticket narrative items- One existential threat to human existence, please! Suddenly this was no longer a simple tale about a super-soldier assassin on a quest for revenge. Most of the book is set in the titular Chasm City, an amazing place where buildings and machinery are infected with a plague that infect nanomachines and mutate them into weird nightmarishly shaped things.

Chasm City

This whole sub-genre was pioneered by William Gibson in Neuromancer, but Reynolds has put a new spin by subjecting his cyberpunk world to the corroding influence of the Melding Plague. Chasm City was both snazzy and well executed. Other books in the series. In this respect Chasm City doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously, an important element of getting the reader to accept what Reynolds is doing. Reynolds transmutes space opera into a nourish, baroque, picaresque mystery tale.


Elysium Fire Prefect Dreyfus Emergency. And then there are those books I enjoy while reading them and then, over time, stay with me, ageing and maturing like a fine wine. The only real issue I wanted to make was in the person he had originally began as, since there just wasn’t enough presence or emotional immediacy, despite the whole reason for the multiple revenge scenarios.

He also spends the right amount of time with his characters, giving each enough layers and shades to make their shabby lives complex and compelling. But I will stop now before I say too much. The snappy banter like “Try anything and the only kind of composing you’ll be doing is DE-composing! The Ciy has numerous pages on the characters, factors and locations of Revelation Space.

Reynolds uses some inventive methods, or at least clever twists on older methods, for revealing both the characters’ pasts and the history of the worlds in which the story is set. The book takes us on an interstellar voyage aboard a generational ship under the grip of petty personal power struggles and paranoid conspiracy theories, both real and imagined, the crew making bargains with the devil amidst the literal darkness outside and the figurative darkness inside.

AmazonGlobal Ship Orders Internationally. If I tweak my memories, do I destroy who I am? I still liked it. June 16, at 8: