i dont understand the reason for higher scores in non-invigilated aimcats AIMCAT Scores, Discussions (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test yet) After 2 BAD AimCAT’s, a decent one this a long way to go though. Hi happens with TIME when i checkig my result its showing Sorry! no info is avaible against this aimcat for this id no. but i have taken my mock on. Do post your scores of AIMCAT ATB:cheerio: This being the last AIMAT, I wish Good Luck to all the aspirants, including me The CAT is out there almost.

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Follow the suggested reading links on you t4e student home page for better reading practice. You must have good CAT score. The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future.

I will take thi question. Related Questions I am consistently getting between 85 and 95 scores out of in aimcat.

Chat Transcript

Its just a start. Also i felt that the questions were easy and i could have attempted more. Special chat on CAT application.

Guidance on B-School Selection. On-demand Chat on the new CAT pattern. Let me tell you a real incident in a story form. How will be my chances if i do PGP with 3 n half years of experience?? Prep for Verbal has been discussed aumcat various points in the Chat. If x ounces is replaced on 1st day n x on 2nd day, then how come there is milk still left in the jar???

AIMCAT 1201 (please do not open if you have not taken the test yet)

To ensure that every question in every slot is comparable in terms of the difficulty level is a humongous task but the IIMs are doing their best to do so.


Based on your CAT percentile, which B-schools to apply? The feedback you provide will help us show you more relevant content in the future. Is the study materials provided from T. B-school selection based on CET scores. How do I get above 80 percentile in CAT? Hi Manisha if you understand CAP round procedure, you don’t need to put one college but you need to put a list of colleges. However, in the absence of clear information, it is is best for students to try and maximize their overall score while not compromising on accuracy drastically.

Kindly follow the exact subject of a chat!! It solely depends on how focused and well-structured your preparation and plan are respectively. A similar question has already been answered,plz check the chat transcript.

Best viewed on x resolution. Practice is key to doing well in the entire second section of the paper. Ensure that you spot and correct errors in each component. Read for one hour daily – The Economist, The Hindu, www.

Follow aimczt sequence that you classes are following Just click the subscribe button and keep practicing through my live videos…. Still, the results were not out and we were not given the sols also. Sir can you just explain a little as to how wrong answers pull down the percentile so much?

I’m a bit nervous. Go for sectional preparation, concentrate on one section and try to complete it entirely. But plz tell me wheter this test was on the easier side or the difficult side More practice is reqd, pic up previous Aimcwt questions in Geometry and Mensuration, it’s a nice varied set. I often tend to pick up the wrong choices. Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt.


Chat on queries related to Quantitative Ability. Is there any chance of scoring a good percentile and getting into a g The result will be out tonight.

AIMCAT 1217 Scores, Discussions (Pls do not open if you have not taken the test yet)

Taking up some other course just to bridge the gap is a bad idea. Then divide them into clusters of 2 chapters each and then focus on the basics in each area in the cluster, solve the exercise aomcat, the past CAT problems, and the present AIMCAT problems from the areas, repeat this for other chapters. My quant is a little bit on comfort side.

Yes, it is, if you are willing work hard for it. I already have 2 n half years of experience 1271 this manufacturing field. Please do not be impatient, work hard there are still around days left, if you work smartly you can easily cross the 95 percentile barrier. Chat on Queries related to Data Interpretation.

CAT PapersImproving on weaknesses, Strengthening the strong areasworking on areas where I am completely bad and Sectional tests to find out the correct strategy? Dont you think instead of getting that topic out, it will be better if you get a grip on those events!

I gave CAT in Also this should be well in advance of application deadlines. But, in the uninvigilated mocks, I have usually seen that they do not upload the question paper before the When is the next CMAT exam?