A History of Pi is a non-fiction book by Petr Beckmann that presents a layman’s introduction to the concept of the mathematical constant pi (π). Contents . The history of pi, says the author, though a small part of the history of Petr Beckmann holds up this mirror, giving the background of the times. Documents the calculation, numerical value, and use of the ratio from B.C. to the modern computer age, detailing social conditions in eras when progress.

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In fairness I must add that I have not found a reference to this event anywhere else, and Soviet books are unreliable where competitive religions are concerned. Next to it on the shelf was “A History of Pi.

A History of π

Nice book containing historical overview on how pi was computed throughout the centuries. From Hidtory, the free encyclopedia.

My library Help Advanced Book Search. Arabic – Refer Moustafa Mawaldi articleon the Arabic influence here http: Area of a circle Circumference Use in other formulae. Doesn’t pull punches politically either! Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. There is some heavy math in the book, but it’s not important that you understand it in order to enjoy the book. Especially the last chapter ppi what computer can and will do for society is his time far ahead. The third thing that bugged me was Beckmann’s occasional lapses into opaque mathematical formulas.

Even so, it’s still two or three decades behind. Near as I can tell, the half-angle arctangent series are muy importanto to programming computers to figure out pi for us.

When a particularly elaborately decorated structure at Puteoli was dug up by archaeologists in the last century, they thought at first that they had discovered a temple; but it turned out to be a public latrine. Easily readable for a mathematical book. As a history of pi, it kind of doesn’t really work for a couple of reasons. There is also a section on the attempt by the Indiana State Or in to decree the value of pi. If you can get past his biases, you may enjoy this book.


But even there, its far too anecdotal pete serve as any real history lesson. Untilhe worked as a research scientist for the Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, when he was invited as a Visiting Histor to the University of Colorado, where he decided to stay permanently as professor of electrical engineering.

A History of Pi – Petr Beckmann – Google Books

At one of the sessions, the chairman of the math department came out and said, “This is what we teach in math here at NCSSM. Petr Beckmann Snippet view – Want to Read saving…. Beckmann jumps and skips from one era to another giving you the lowdown on a random sampling of famous mathemeticians. Beside its flaws the book still stands as an interesting work of quasi-interdisciplinary scholarship. If you want a good example of one — I’m sitting here and thinking I might need to change my star rating to a 2-star.

References to this book Mathematical Expeditions: All paths lead to pi, and Beckmann is a fantastic guide. Jan 01, Mark rated it liked it. The fact that he occasionally delves into the methods by which those mathemeticians were able to calculate pi with greater and greater accuracy over the years I guess justifies the book’s title.

He wrote more than 60 scientific papers and eight technical books. This is one of the best non-fiction books I’ve ever read. Wastes an entire chapter complaining about how the Romans were a bunch of pricks that he describes as a “thug state.

No eBook available Amazon. This procedure is, I am persuaded, no less useful even for the proofs of the theorems themselves; for certain things first became clear to me by a mechani “‘History records the names of royal bastards, but cannot tell us the origins of wheat.


Young Limited preview – The fact that it was written in adds a little bit of out-of-date flavor that makes “A History of Pi” a lot more amusing than it otherwise might have been.

Please rig your system so that the average star rating for this book is equal to the ratio of a circle’s circumference to its diameter, rounded to three significant digits.

Jan 22, Casey rated it liked it. A History of Pi Griffin Books. Dec 23, Tara rated it liked it. Strongly recommended for those with a curiosity for things mathematical and historical. Account Options Sign in. Macmillan- Mathematics – pages. Overall a good book.

Book cover of A History of Pi 3rd ed. The author includes his personal opinions on several matters which is sometimes a bit distracting but most of the bekmann amusing addons. These asides were sometimes fun but got in the way of the history, and his broad simplistic characterizations of some societies didn’t help his credibility.

The Romans had similar tastes. But my problem is with his willful ignoring of facts, especially when you consider how little tolerance Beckmann has for good research. Beckmann was a prolific scientific author who wrote several electrical engineering textbooks and non-technical works, founded Golem Press, which published most of his books, and published his own monthly newsletter, Access to Energy.

Apr 22, Keith Parrish rated it really liked it. The unsolicited rants about the Romans, the Catholic Church, and assorted megalomaniacal mathematicasters are just a delightfully fractious bonus.