Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching is a book edited by Dave Foreman, with a foreword by Edward Abbey. Contents. 1 Background; 2 Notes and. Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching Various Authors Contents Introduction to the Third Edition 14 Forward! 17 Chapter V. Strategic Monkey. Ecodefense has 98 ratings and 5 reviews. Christina said: I don’t know what I was expecting. I’m reading this in hopes I can use it in a paper critiquing.

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When using bolt cutters to de-head spikes, always wear goggles or other eye protection. Just add a little at a time until the clay feels a little coarser and stiffer. If sufficiently concentrated, this iron oxide may be picked up by metal detectors. Bison blanketed the plains — it guidd been estimated that 60 million of the huge, shaggy beasts moved across the grassy ocean in seasonal migrations. These drug cops have already been employed q counter protesting conservationists in the woods including those practicing non-violent civil disobedienceand they can be expected to continue doing this.

Our legislators do not represent those who elected them but rather the minority who finance their political campaigns and who control the organs of communication — the Tee Vee, the newspapers, guiide billboards, the radio — that have made politics a game for the rich only.

Apron — A simple cloth apron makes a handy pin holder. Pines and cedars are relatively soft, allowing even de-headed 60d nails to be driven in without bending a de-headed 60d nail would likely bend in harder wood. Mojkeywrenching way RPs are sometimes done is to place a hub and tack or nail a given distance off the centerline, gyide the distance, and take a compass bearing from the RP to the centerline station.

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Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching by Bill Haywood

This is a good job for a partner who cannot drive in large spikes, and it further protects the tree. Since this drilling is done in order to analyze the underlying rock strata, the core samples are often monkeyarenching for reference. Mindless, erratic vandalism is counterproductive as well as uneth- ical. Except in northern Minnesota and northwestern Montana, wolves are known as scattered individuals drifting across the Canadian and Mexican borders.


Locally owned and operated sawmills are seldom a major threat to wilderness. Insist on common alloy steel dowels. Study the data and identify areas of critical interest to you that appear to be threatened. An effective mold for cement and rock spikes would be the pasteboard tubes inside rolls monkeywgenching toilet paper or paper towels. Sometimes a damaged fence was posted with aa warning against rebuilding.

Therefore, if you can drill one-inch diameter holes, roll out the clay to a one-inch thickness. It will shrink some in drying and firing and will fit easily in a one-inch hole.

High-temperature firing can be achieved only in a gas-fired kiln. Just before actual construction of a road begins, a final survey is done. Saftey Glasses — Buy and wear simple plastic safety glasses that do not monkeeywrenching your side vision. Although it is serious and potentially dangerous, monkeywrenching is also fun.

Instead, the United States government spent several million dollars, employed a small army of FBI agents, and entrapped a number of citizens in in an effort to suppress publication and distribution of Ecodefense. It requires no esoteric technical know-how and no specialized tools. Jul 15, sawung rated it it was amazing.

At the time of the Lewis and Clark Expedition, an estimatedGrizzlies roamed the western half of what is now the United States. One color will be used to mark the perimeter, while another color will be used to mark individual trees to be cut within the unit.

If you detect any significant magnetic attraction, mlnkeywrenching pins probably contain ferrous metals, and maybe susceptible to metal detectors. In these desperate times, it is difficult to be both close to Earth and optimistic about her future. Ocelots, Jaguars, and Jaguarundis prowled the Texas brush and Southwestern mountains and mesas.

The government had the foresight to train me in demolitions and sabotage and it still dominates my thinking. Newer Fie,d Older Post Home.


Other inspiration for the book likely came from the book Ecotage! That day has arrived. If a monkeywrencher is contemplating spiking trees in a remote roadless area long in advance of a timber sale, the chances of encountering cops are relatively slim. Wearing plastic gloves will protect your hands from the lime in the cement.

While public outcry from grass-roots conservationists has turned some of these assaults on due process around, the last wildlands on the public lands are under attack as never before.

Tree spiking can be an extremely effective method of deterring timber salesand seems to be growing more and more popular. To ask other readers questions about Ecodefenseplease sign up. A determined campaign of monkeywrenching affects the other end, by increasing operating costs to the point that they cut into profits. Smoke In Their Eyes! Finally, peel off the paper tube exterior and paint the pins with a coat of exterior latex vield to protect the concrete from deterioration.

Ecodefense: A Field Guide to Monkeywrenching

The collie never returned home, and was killed weeks later by a poison bait. Information on proper use of the trim saw can be found at a large public library in lapidary and jewelry-making books.

The second might be of amazement at the lengths and the expense he goes to in equipping himself, often seeming to violate his own cardinal principles of simplicity and security. Production scheduling is so critical to financial planning that most businesses have various contingencies to minimize the impact of mechanical failure, inclement weather, and other factors.

Some other provisions of this law monkeeywrenching also of interest to monkeywrenchers.

Be careful not to drop it.