This manual describes the functions, operation, installation, and commissioning of the device 7SJ62/63/64 V and for 7SJ63 V The functionality of the. Function overview. Description. Siemens SIP · 5 OvercurrentProtection/ 7SJ 5. 5/ 5/ Protection functions. • Time-overcurrent. of Siemens AG. Other designations in this manual might be trade- marks whose use by third parties for their own purposes would in- fringe the.

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It is much more impor- tant to establish a thermal replica, after a complete motor start, that is appropriate for the protection of the motor’s thermal condition. Both jumpers must always be plugged in the same way!

QUANTITY 27 you can determine foor undervoltage protection in a three-phase con- nection that instead of the positive-sequence system V1, the smallest of the phase-to-phase voltages Vphph or 7sjj62 smallest phase-to-ground voltage Vph-n is configured as a measured quantity.

Search Search term s Search. Breaker Failure Protection 50bf Functions 2. The pick-up threshold of the binary inputs must therefore stay substantially below half the rated control DC volt- age.


siemena If, for example, voltage V drops to such degree that the voltages V Both op- erational states are unfavorable as overvoltage may cause for example insulation problems or undervoltage may cause stability problems. Depending on the temperature unit selected in the Power System Data Section 2.

The assignment of voltages to current-carrying phases is shown in the following table. Only then the parameters are set back to “normal”. Don’t show me this message again.

Direct Serial Connection Direct connection of the front operator interface or the rear service interface of the device with the serial inter- face of the operator PC. Page 38 Functions 2.

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Page Functions 2. Cable and current transformer with the following data: Fault Locator Functions sirmens. Depending on the conditions of the trip contact and the circuit breaker, the binary inputs are activated logical condition “H” Page 27 Introduction 1.

Dimensions Technical Data 4. Transformer Differential Protection go. An operating cycles diagram see sample diagram in the functional description of the 2P procedureprovided by the manufacturer, shows the relationship of make-break operations and tripping current. Relays Siemens 7SR21 Manual 71 pages. Page Page Page – A.



The same applies to 79AR inst. Page 74 Functions 2.

Page 89 Functions 2. Close request to Control 79M Auto Recl. Page 88 Functions 2. The primary tests require the protected object line, transformer, etc. Before connection it is checked whether conditions are synchronous or not.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. It shows the setting possibilities for each function in maximum configuration.

Siemens 7sj62 7sj6225 5eb90-1fe0/ff Fast

If no measuring voltage is connected to this input, this subsection is irrelevant. Failure to observe these precautions can result in death, personal injury, or serious material damage. Other internal commands such as manual entry or abort are not checked, i. Control Center Solutions go. This means that the line can be connected again.