Six Suspects . Vikas Swarup They are a glitzy bunch, but among them the police find six strange, displaced characters with a gun in their. Review: Six Suspects by Vikas SwarupHirsh Sawhney sifts through some daft writing for the clever nuggets in a sprawling Indian satire. Here’s a question for its author, Vikas Swarup: Can a novel be any more high- concept than ‘Six Suspects,’ by Vikas Swarup JUNE 24,

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Your review intrigues me to read this one. 66 is undoubtedly one of my top favorite authors and truly a master of words. OMG – but suggest you to read book also – who knows it will turn out to be better than review – he he By: Comment on this review. It is a murder whodunit that satisfies the mind and the heart.

Six Suspects

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Gives the dates in the wrong order in his speech says swafup October instead of “October 31st” ; 8. A fun book on many levels – writing style, character development, guessing games – that ends with a surprisingly poignant message.


SIX SUSPECTS – VIKAS SWARUP Reviews, Summary, Story, Price, Online, Fiction, Nonfiction

View all 3 comments. Ada seorang polisi yang dengan berani berusaha agar penguasa itu mendapat hukuman tapi beberapa hari kemudian dia mengalami kecelakan baca: All six had a weapon. Let me read,,,if time permits Dicerita ini, seorang jurnalis investigasi bernama Arun Advani menulis sebuah kolom khusus yang menjabarkan penyelidikannya sendiri mengenai siapa yang membunuh Skspects Rai. Sep 05, K. Itu cuma salah satu contohnya, masih ada beberapa contoh lain yang bakal menjadi spoiler kalo aku sebutkan There is no question that this is a fantastic story and a superb work of suspechs, as well as a gripping suspectss.

I strongly suspect that I am not the ideal reader for this, that it has, in fact, been written for Indians rather than Americans the cringe-worthy “Larry Page” character is my main proof but it hit an uncomfortable middle. Vikas Swarup juga merupakan suami dari aktris India bernama Aparna.

You dont know the name of the road side dwellers killed by Salman Khan! Six of them are discovered with guns in their possession.

But, here the one who is killedMr. His writing style is simple and to-the-point, yet the characters occasionally stay on your mind long after they’ve been written out of the story. Batu itu ada di rumah vikzs tempat Vicky Rai akan mengadakan pesta kebebasannya. Upload photo files with.


Delhi underbelly

The author viaks novel reminded me most of was Carl Hiassen. I think I enjoyed it better than the book reviewed. It was quite a thrill reading it! At last, rating saya untuk novel ini tetap 4 dari 5 bintang.

So many unique characters, strange points of view, and personal interests converge in this tale to write an altogether No words can really explain how much I adore the writing of Vikas Swarup.

After graduating with distinction, he joined the Indian Foreign Service inmotivated by an interest in international relations and a desire t Vikas Swarup was born in Allahabad India in a family of lawyers. Write a better book!

There are six separate stories. On arrival he was shocked to realise that he was duped. Is he a noble soul whose death n