2SC Datasheet, 2SC NPN Power Transistor Datasheet, buy 2SC Transistor. 2SC datasheet, 2SC circuit, 2SC data sheet: NEC – NPN SILICON TRIPLE DIFFUSED TRANSISTOR FOR HIGH-SPEED HIGH-VOLTAGE . 2SC from NEC Corporation. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information.

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Please check with an NEC sales representative for availability and additional information.

Before using this document, please confirm that this is the latest version. For actual design-in, refer to the latest publications of NEC’s data sheets or data books, etc. Please check with local NEC representative for availability and additional information.

Transportation equipment automobiles, trains, ships, etc. The “Specific” quality grade applies only to semiconductor products developed based on a customer-designated “quality assurance program” for a specific application. Aircraft, aerospace equipment, submersible repeaters, nuclear reactor control systems, life support systems and medical equipment for life support, etc.


NEC – datasheet pdf

NEC assumes no responsibility for any errors that may appear in this document. The recommended applications of a semiconductor product depend on its quality grade, as indicated below.

NEC assumes no responsibility for any losses incurred by customers or third parties arising from the use of these circuits, software and information. The quality grade of NEC semiconductor products is “Standard” unless otherwise expressly specified in NEC’s data sheets or data books, etc.

Computers, office equipment, communications equipment, test and measurement equipment, audio and visual equipment, home electronic appliances, machine tools, personal electronic equipment and industrial robots “Special”: To minimize risks of damage to property or injury including death to persons arising from defects in NEC semiconductor products, customers must incorporate sufficient safety measures in their design, such as redundancy, fire-containment, and anti-failure features.

The information is subject to change without notice. The incorporation of these circuits, software and information in the design of customer’s equipment shall be done under datasheef full responsibility of customer. Customers must check the quality grade of each semiconductor product before using it in a particular application.


No license, express, implied or otherwise, is granted under any patents, copyrights or other intellectual property rights of NEC or others.