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22TCN Ministry of Transport. Technical Criteria on the Design of. 1, mm-Gauge Tracks. Ministry of Transport. 22TCN 7. Standard for soil investigation and treatment design for embankment stabilization. 22TCN 8. Standard for Cone. Based on the Vietnamese Standard 22TCN the design criteria criteria which are defined in the different way in 22TCN and.

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The turning path is placed as follows: If it is covered by cohesive soil 22tfn the plasticity index of over 17, the minimum coverage thickness is 0.

The traffic volume of redirected vehicles is quite light and can be routed to the adjacent intersections. The pavement must 17187 the following conditions: It is calculated in meter by the formula: Buses decelerate or accelerate on the outer lane and on the lane which is separated from main traveled way.

Then, revolve the whole cross section about the pavement edge on concave side of the curve to the full rate of superelevation. 22tnc devices on highways The highway should along the boundaries between forest and fields, along hills and rivers, avoiding topography cutting.

When necessary, separation bands should be provided. In this case, the possibility of vehicle passing must be considered in case the climbing lane is occupied by a broken down vehicle.

Highway -Specifications for design Contents | Quang Tuyến –

The distance from outer cable suffered wind 2 4 6 deflection 17-87 road edge 8. For the bridges with span length shorter than 8m, the cross section must be not restricted. Where it is necessary to allow for a difference between gradient of ditch and that of the route, a detailed design must be done; – type of lining in 22ctn should be considered appropriately.


In the difficult conditions for example: Fixed signs with meanings contradictory to that of emergency signs must be covered. The formation of shoulder is prescribed as in Article 4. Flush medians, with the pavement surface c.

This traffic volume is used to determine technical classification and to calculate other elements. The probability of calculating flood flows is as follows: In common cases, the lane width for each highway categories is as follows: In deep cut, a water conduit bridge may be used to carry water across the highway.

Buses stops on the outer lane, and the shoulder is used for loading; – avoiding stops: Guide posts are placed on soil part of shoulder. Grade separations can be classified into two types: Fill slopes and cut slopes must be grown with turf by ways of seeding or assembling grass pieces etc. Your internet browser has disabled JavaScript. The requirements in Article 5. It is a continuos yellow or white color stripe, 20cm wide, placed on the stabilized shoulder and close to the edge of pavement.

It is necessary to prune down shrubs, prune off branches, 22gcn the dead ones and trim the top of shrubs so that their height will not be over 0. Sand, clay at hard, semi-hard, hardly-plastic state 12 1: The dimensions of loading platform is 1. Log In Sign Up.

The future year is defined as the 20th year after putting into operation of the newly-built highways and the 15th year for the rehabilitation ones. Website only work when it enable. On the basis of suggestions by BEDC, Minister has approved the separating project into projects with different investors and different forms of investment: It may include following services, which are managed by local authorities: Berms may be provided at high slopes for planting shrubs.


Name of locations mentioned in signs must be consistent, causing no doubt of confusion to the highway users.


Parking areas for cars, trucks and buses are provided. Home Project Implementing project. Turf of over 5cm in height must be trimmed away. It is recommended to use reflectorizing paint, or to paint a reflectorizing stripe of 4cm wide, 18cm long at the place 30 to 35cm beneath the top of posts and towards traveling direction. The minimum distance from the intercepting ditch which is nearest to the highway to the top of cut slope is 5m.

It distributes traffic load to the roadbed. Guide signs must be installed on the main roadways in accordance with the instructions in 22 TCN “Regulations on road signs”. Gravel macadamized, aggregate, low-type surface 3.

Click here to sign up. Transition curve coincides with the superelevation section and widening section of traveled way. Measuring method is as regulated in 22TCN